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Flash Games Download by Deimos Tel`Arin

Flash Games Download by Deimos Tel`Arin.
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11 Apr 2017 | ,  |                                          Zombidle – Flash Games Download – Overview This Zombidle is a clicker idle flash game in which you simply click the left mouse button in order to progress in this game.
After numerous clicks, you can buy upgrades and the game would eventually become an idle game in which it progress on its own.
Some manual clicks are still required though.
20 Nov 2015 | ,  |                                           Swords and Souls – Flash Games Download – Overview Create a soul, arm it with a sword then proceed to fight for gold, .

Glory and experience to level up in this Swords and Souls skill upgrades flash game

Basic combat is automatic though advanced skills need to be activated manually.
Training of stats is not automatic and skill based though.
Sushi Catapult – Download.
7 Jun 2015 | ,  |           25,958        2 comments                         Sushi Catapult – Flash Games Download – Overview In this Sushi Catapult skill flash game, you launch a huge round cat into the skies so the cat can eat up lots of sushi and ultimately somehow reach the moon in a fifteen levels sushi eating journey.

The name of the game should be pronounced Sushi Cat-a-pult

Real edible sushi is not included.
==  link, click here for  links and screen shots ==                                                          Zassin – Download.
9 Oct 2013 | ,  |           6,936        Comments Off on Zassin – Download                           Zassin – Flash Games Download – Overview A lot of assassins armed with various weapons are coming to kill you in this Zassin skill flash game.
However, by pressing the correct arrow key as they appear you will be able to dodge their attacks and kill them.
Quite amazing yes.
Press them keys quickly though or else you will be killed immediately.
==  link, click here for  links and screen shots ==                                                          miniPassage 2 – Download.
19 Aug 2013 | ,  |           3,691        Comments Off on miniPassage 2 – Download                           miniPassage 2 – Flash Games Download – Overview Somehow if anyone enjoyed the original miniPassage skill flash game then there is a high probability they will come to enjoy the sequel miniPassage 2 as well since it now offers three different paths instead of one level in the original miniPassage skill flash game.
Choose one path and race to finish it.
==  link, click here for  links and screen shots ==                                                          miniPassage – Download.
18 Aug 2013 | ,  |           3,487        Comments Off on miniPassage – Download                           miniPassage – Flash Games Download – Overview This miniPassage skill flash game is a simple game about running and running until you reach the exit.
Try to avoid dying as dying will increase your final score.
The goal is to finish the game as fast as possible and get a combined score as low as possible.
A tombstone will be created if you die.
==  link, click here for  links and screen shots ==                                                          Papa’s Cupcakeria – Download.
7 Aug 2013 | ,  |           73,881        7 comments                         Papa’s Cupcakeria – Flash Games Download – Overview Bake cupcakes in this Papa’s Cupcakeria cafe job simulation skill flash game.
The other games in Papa’s cafe job series are Papa’s Pizzeria, Papa’s Burgeria,Papa’s Taco Mia!, Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Pancakeria, Papa’s Wingeria and Papa’s Hot Doggeria.
Lots and lots of cupcakes will be baked.
==  link, click here for  links and screen shots ==                                                          Handless Millionaire 2 – Download.
22 Jul 2013 | ,  |           5,285        2 comments                         Handless Millionaire 2 – Flash Games Download – Overview The outrageously dangerous game show is back.
Check out this Handless Millionaire 2 sequel to the original Handless Millionaire skill flash game where contestants risk one or both of their hands in order to win prize monies for themselves.
Get super rich or lose one or both hands in the process.
==  link, click here for  links and screen shots ==                                                       Page 1 of 30       2      3      4      5      10      20      30      »      Last ».
Check out more.
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