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Delayed COVID-19 test results near 900 in under a week

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The number of reported backlogged positive COVID-19 test results from El Paso reached 895 in less than a week Sunday after City officials added 214 unreported cases.
The City says Sunday’s delayed results were from the last eight weeks — dating back to the end of June.
Earlier this week, the City could not definitively say whether the patients who tested positive were notified promptly of their test results.
Saturday, Assistant Fire Chief Jorge Rodriguez, Emergency Management Coordinator, provided KTSM a statement saying the recent delays were not from the state-run testing site operated by HONU, but rather private labs.
He claimed the private labs’ delay in reporting to the Department of Public Health was placing the City in a predicament because they are unable to report results they’re unaware of.

The City says they’re working to identify the week Sunday’s 214 delayed tests were from

The revised weekly totals are expected later in the day.
On Sunday, .

City Health Officials recorded just 57 additional COVID-19 cases

Due to the ongoing persistent delay in testing results, KTSM is unable to verify whether this is the actual number of positive tests reported in the community over the last 24-hours.
The number of positive tests to-date stands at 18,350.
One additional fatality from the virus was reported Sunday.
According to public health officials, the patient was a man in his 90s with underlying health conditions.
His death marks the 358th death from the virus since April 9.
The number of hospitalizations remained the same overnight, at 161.
ICU patient count increased to 59, while patients on ventilators also increased to 35.


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Re: Delayed COVID-19 test results near 900 in under a week



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