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Not to mention CloudSuite Financials is a  role-based

Legacy Upgrade: the same functionality for the cost of your maintenance Give your business the latest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities and upgrade SmartStream with Infor CloudSuite.
Notably your cloud solution, your users will be empowered to make better decisions with in-context analytics.
Your IT and business support teams will gain flexibility to configure solutions to your business needs without the need for expensive customization.
Specifically Infor’s unique Legacy Upgrade program for existing customers allows you to get equal functionality on a Cloud platform at the same cost.
The additional functionality is available at a nominal cost.
Especially, your bottom line will benefit from lower cost of operations and predictable subscription expense.

Book a demo with one of our consultants in CloudSuite Financials   Without a doubt

the Key features of the upgrade SmartStream program are:       Your solution is now hosted on Amazon Web Services   Secondly, you will obtain support on your legacy system and the new platform for up to 36 months   In addition, now you will stop paying support on your legacy SmartStream platform immediately   Is time for a fully integrated platform: Reporting, BI, Finance management, and Funds allocation   Above all, Smart Solutions International provides the best expertise in your migration     Hence, Watch this sort video and take action now                                     Book a demo with one of our consultants.
The rules have changed Now this is a coupling modern financial functionality with tools to track supplies and streamline order processes.
Above all Infor CloudSuite Financials combines over 30 years of best practices and expertise with innovative new technologies.
Secondly this solution creates an end-to-end, fully integrated solution built for users and designed to support complex and dynamic organizations.
Not to mention CloudSuite Financials is a  role-based, data driven, consumer-inspired, mobile enabled, and delivered in the cloud.
Definitely this solution gives you the functionality and flexibility to become the finance department you always knew you could be.
Finally, .

Download this pdf and read it for free and Book a demo with one of our consultants

[3d-flip-book mode="thumbnail-lightbox" urlparam="fb3d-page" id="2094" title="false" lightbox="dark"]     This role-based, data-driven, and mobile-enabled integrated suite helps you to redefine financial management technology.
Top 5 reasons to upgrade SmartStream to CloudSuite Financials       You can get Current   It is time to for you to take advantage of  hundreds of new features   Importantly, your company now goes Global   Above all, you can upgrade quickly, cost effectively, and with minimal disruption   You are the best positioned for future disruptions     Finally, Download this pdf and read it for free and Book a demo with one of our consultants.
[3d-flip-book mode="thumbnail-lightbox" urlparam="fb3d-page" id="2106" title="false" lightbox="dark"]     The value of modernizing and face the future with no fear     The post Upgrade SmartStream Today appeared first on Smart Solutions International.



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