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Frank The post Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

My, how our world has changed in the last few months.  I keep feeling like I woke up in that Outbreak movie, and am expecting Dustin Hoffman to show up in a hazmat suit any moment.

If you have spent the last few weeks watching reruns of Outbreak

Pandemic, Contagion, and countless other depressing movies, we have great news for you.  If you have been hiding under a stone, you might not be aware that IntelliMagic started their series of FREE zAcademy sessions back on April 16.  Our new news is that Watson & Walker are working with our friends in IntelliMagic to bring you two additions to their series of webinars.  With a total of 15 weekly sessions by their panel of world famous experts, there is at least one topic for everyone.
On Wednesday July 1st, our very own Cheryl Watson will be presenting Does IBM’s Recent Tailoring of Tailored Fit Pricing Make It a Better Fit for You?  As you know, Cheryl is passionate about software pricing (she says that it is nearly as exciting as SMF!), and especially about helping z/OS customers achieve the best possible value.
IBM’s Tailored Fit Pricing option has been with us for over a year now, but we believed that some of its aspects would limit the number of customers that it would appeal to.  However, in this session, Cheryl describes recent, unannounced, changes to TFP, and explains how those changes might alter your calculation about whether TFP is right for your company.  If you expect to be discussing TFP with your friendly IBM salesperson, this is a must-attend session.
Another hot topic, and one that we have been getting multiple inquiries about, is whether customers should consider moving to a sub-capacity z15.  There have been a number of well-publicized, very successful, such moves.  However, there is no free lunch, and moving to a CPC with slower engines than your current CPC certainly requires more consideration than just moving to the z15 version of your current CPC.  To help customers understand the opportunities, challenges, and evaluation criteria, I (Frank Kyne) will be joining IntelliMagic’s Todd Havekost in a webinar on this topic on Wednesday, July 8th.
In addition to our two sessions, members of the IntelliMagic technical team will be presenting upcoming sessions on WebSphere (June 17th), zHyperLinks (June 24th), TS7700 Cache tuning (July 22nd), and a just-added session by Todd Havekost about automating performance change detection (July 15th).
The ideal situation is if you can participate in the live webinar – that gets you information hot off the presses, gives you the opportunity to ask your questions.

And lets you listen in on the questions asked by other customers.  However

if you have a clash with something even more exciting (I can’t imagine what that could be), the team in IntelliMagic are kindly making the webinars available for later viewing.  You can sign up for upcoming sessions and access the recordings of previous sessions here.  Please join us if you have time, and bring your questions and your experiences, we would love to hear from you.
Take care, stay safe and healthy, and Stay Tuned.
Frank       The post Coming Soon to a Screen Near You.

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