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Another major bonus of the VersaBox is they can ship flat

AG Ninja’s new VersaBox is the perfect solution for gyms who have a variety of  different programs such as Ninja, parkour, gymnastics etc.

The VersaBox is designed to allow for hundreds of different uses

which is essential for programs that want to constantly keep things fresh.

The box is the exact same size as our standard AG Ninja transition block

so it may be used under your AG Ninja framing system as a mount or dismount to/from an obstacle.
The box is comprised if puzzle piece wood and a padded top that can be easily removed if desired.
The box contains a variety of different slots on all 6 faces, allowing for a number of different attachments to create a fun and challenging ground obstacle course.
Balance rails are simple to add or remove, which makes setup a breeze.
Additional attachments such as slanted steps or dome steps are available to add to the balance rail to further spice things up.
Another major bonus of the VersaBox is they can ship flat, which cuts down substantially on shipping costs.
All boxes come with a painted finish and a vinyl padded top.
Check out some of the various ways you can use the VersaBox in your Ninja or parkour facility.
Simple Rail between boxes    Angled Rail between boxes    Bar Between boxes    Rail With Dome Steps    Example Large Setup    Slanted Steps Attachment    Under a rig to use a transition blocks        Shop VersaBox              VersaBox Starter Package         $ 1,100.00      Add to cart              VersaBox         $ 500.00      Add to cart       The post AG Ninja SPoTLight – The VersaBox appeared first on.



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