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also known as the resort town of Kauai

Princeville is a coastal town that falls on the lush north shore of Kauai

This charming little town, also known as the resort town of Kauai, is decorated by mountains, green valleys, and golf courses.
The historic town has been through a series of transitions.

The high-end “Princeville at Hanalei” resort that we see today

was raised on a historic piece of land that was home to the Princeville Sugar Mill during the plantation era.
A pleasing location for most tourists, Princeville is naturally gifted in terms of scenery and rivals south shore’s Poipu with its luxurious resorts.

The next time you’re Princeville

here are 5 exciting things you can do to make the most of your time on this part of the island.

5 Best Things to Do in Princeville

Kauai 1.
Take a Tour of Princeville Botanical Gardens How about an immersive 3-hour tour of one of Kauai’s most beautiful botanical gardens.
On this tour, you’ll be seeing and learning about more than 600 varieties of exotic plants carefully nurtured to provide a magical experience for visitors.
The tour also includes a unique segment – The chocolate tasting session.
After a brief lecture on chocolate production, you will be treated to some of the world’s tastiest chocolates and locally grown fruits.
This tour is a must if you’re in Princeville as it is not only educational but also delicious.
Relax on the Secluded Beaches Who doesn’t like secluded, yet gorgeous beaches.
Hideaways and Puu Poa are two such beaches in Princeville that appeal to beachgoers wanting some respite from popular, crowded beaches on the island.
These beaches lie beneath the beautiful Pali Ke Kua and Puu Poa condos and are also accessible from Princeville St Regis Resort.
Adventure lovers can access the beach via a tricky trail starting from the St Regis Resort parking lot.
If you’re a guest at the condos, there is an alternative neatly paved pathway that leads to a picnic and barbeque area near the beach.
Although the two beaches are located side by side, there is no walkable access point between the two.
You’ll either have to swim or paddle, provided the ocean conditions are calm.
If you are in for it, grab some sunscreen, water, camera, and a good book to make the most of the ‘secluded’ experience.

Shop at Princeville Center Your brain is already excited thinking of shopping

isn’t it?.
Apart from exploring exciting locations, shopping is the most interesting part of every tour.
Located amongst stunning sea cliffs and taro fields.

Princeville center is a one-stop solution for shopping

dining, and business services.
Whether it is food, clothing, coffee, or souvenirs you need, .

Princeville center has it all along with many other options to pique your interest

You’d be surprised to know that it even has a gas station.

Princeville center brings alive the otherwise quaint

towny north shore of Kauai and is a good break activity to do when you are not sight-seeing.
Do Not Miss the Hanalei Valley Lookout.
This is a famous lookout point where the admirable views of Kauai’s lush mountainous north shore are cherished by visitors.
Hanalei lookout offers panoramic views of the lush hillside and is one of the most photographed lookouts in Kauai.

The vantage point overlooks the taro field that feeds most of Kauai

You can also see Mount Namolokama and it’s cascading waterfalls in the backdrop.
This is an easily accessible lookout.
You just have to pull over to the mountainside (Mauka) of the road past Princeville center when you’re heading west.
Adventure seekers can have a close up look at Hanalei valley lookout by hiking the 2.5 mile out and back Okolehao trail.
You will find the trailhead just after the iconic Hanalei bridge on the drive from Princeville to Hanalei.
Travel Back in Time at Haraguchi Rice Mill How about a closer look at the taro fields you just gazed at from the Hanalei valley lookout.
To be specific, this location is in Hanalei, only a few mins away from Princeville.
The taro fields are home to the Ho’opulapula Haraguchi Rice Mill, a historic monument that dates back to the 1800s.
It is the only remaining rice mill in all of Hawaii.
To add to its historic importance, it is located in the Hanalei taro fields which have been in cultivation for 6 generations.
The tour begins with refreshments and covers the process of harvesting and processing taro.
You will learn the process of making Poi, which is the staple food on the island, and make a fresh batch yourself.
You will be served a delicious lunch made with farm-grown ingredients before moving on to the historic jewel that is Haraguchi Rice Mill.
Final Thoughts Although a small town, Princeville has a lot to offer to visitors.
Renting a car will give you the flexibility to explore these locations at your own pace and also stop by some of Princeville’s tasty eateries.

Have you heard about the gorgeous Napali Coast on Kauai’s North Shore

Our homepage will give you all the important details of Kauai’s most popular tourist activity so that you have a memorable vacation to cherish for a lifetime.

I hope you’ve a great time in Kauai

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