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Why is Govplace such a great fit for Cloud solutions

Why Govplace Fits USCIS Like a GloveGovplace has been awarded a key prime commercial Cloud hosting BPA contract with the U.S.
Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
This BPA will ensure USCIS has access to on-demand, secure, scalable, flexible, automated, and cost-effective Cloud computing environments to support the wide range of complex IT systems and programs across the agency.
We asked Suzanne Liscouski, Sr VP of Strategy & Business Development, what positioned Govplace for this win and mission critical government project.
Why is Govplace such a great fit for Cloud solutions.
Specific to the unique mission needs of USCIS, our team is able to identify and implement Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.
As a Cloud broker, our experience as a VAR allows us to bring together a large number of CSPs and Cloud tools, qualify their solutions according to a rigorous and predefined set of selection criteria, and then aggregate products into usable and accessible catalogs.

How is Govplace better in helping the government move to the Cloud

We know how to structure brokerage contracts to benefit our customers, have access to deeper discounts.

And have dedicated Cloud Business Managers

we can ensure our customers are getting the best value possible.

What does the future of Cloud look like for Govplace

According to MarketsandMarkets.

The government Cloud market size is expected to grow to $28.85 Billion by 2022

at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.4% during the forecast period.

Cloud offers scale and economies that are hard to disregard

Customers will be using more Cloud services to accelerate their migration to Cloud.

IT tooling will become increasingly Cloud-centric

And, we believe that as this transformation occurs, the terms Cloud and IT will soon become interchangeable.

How does Govplace stay up to date on new Cloud tech

First and foremost, our heads are always in the Cloud, pun intended.
We keep ourselves at the forefront through our own Cloud lab where we actually work with and explore all the products and offerings from our partners, how they work or don’t work together, what their key benefits and features are, and how they can integrate into government environments.
We believe in nonstop hands-on training and education, achieving industry and government certifications, and continually participating in partner and industry forums, seminars, and conferences.

In what ways does Govplace help customers adapt to Cloud tech

Cloud is huge.
There are so many different aspects to it and to transforming an IT enterprise to a public, private, community, or hybrid Cloud environment.
Many government clients don’t even know where to begin or how to successfully continue a migration.
Govplace guides our clients through every step of the journey, whether they need to move to a private, public, hybrid, or community Cloud.

How does Govplace collaborate with customers to provide Cloud solutions

Govplace’s unique stature as a VAR-SI hybrid provides for value-added offerings and contract vehicles that enable government agencies to access a full spectrum of Cloud products and professional services.
Our offerings are backed by deep technology expertise, strong relationships with best-of-breed partners, and an intimate understanding of the unique challenges and needs of federal government agencies.
As we recognize that federal agencies are at different stages of Cloud adoption, we focus on offering a complete set of solutions that support and enable all adoption stages.

What are the Govplace areas of Cloud expertise

As a VAR-SI hybrid, our strength lies in our expertise of all the available tools and how they integrate into an existing or new IT environment.
Cloud really is huge.
It’s enormous.
There are so many different aspects to it, and our depth of expertise is in five key areas: 1 Cloud Brokerage 2 Cloud Readiness 3 Cloud Architecture and Design 4 Cloud Migration 5 Cloud Operations and Maintenance Why are product contract vehicles more beneficial.
Product contract vehicles not only allow for the procurement of Cloud products and tools, they typically also allow for access to product-related Cloud services.
And, they are normally simpler to refresh, which makes it easier to add new Cloud services as they are released to the market.
Govplace manages an expansive portfolio of product contract vehicles designed to streamline procurement and lower prices through volume discounts.
Our understanding of our customer’s strategic sourcing initiatives allows us to apply our principles of value engineering, performance-based contracting and Elastic Service Integration to our implementation and oversight of these contracts.
This ensures comprehensive coverage, and regulatory compliance, allowing our customers and partners get the most value from these powerful purchasing vehicles.
How does Govplace help customers avoid lock-in.
Our tool-centric approach allows us to employ specific tools before, during, and after Cloud migration to ensure reversibility and/or portability of Cloud workloads.
Being agnostic or selective regarding Cloud products.
tools and CSPs, we focus on the customer’s needs to drive the solution that provides the best mission outcomes.

In what ways does Govplace embody Smart Cloud

We enable agencies to become Cloud smart using our proven, proprietary methodology and tooling.
Our Cloud readiness offering allows for realistic decision-making on Cloud adoption, which is at the core of the Cloud Smart initiative.
We are customer-centric and solution selective.
We can accelerate Cloud adoption, optimize and protect legacy IT environments, and future-proof modernized IT enterprises.
About Govplace Govplace is a value-added reseller and systems integrator exclusively focused on providing the public sector with innovative, industry-leading IT products, services, and solutions.
We bring a unique combination of California innovation and beltway understanding into each engagement to ensure our federal customers are achieving measurable business and technical outcomes.
With a deep understanding of government contracting, an expansive portfolio of contracting vehicles, and demonstrated expertise in leading technologies and solutions, Govplace takes a strategic approach to technology-led transformation and modernization to improve business and operational efficiency and help our federal customers achieve their unique mission needs.

Our core capabilities cover Cloud Computing & Infrastructure

Cyber Security & Privacy, IT Automation, and Smart Security Technology & Surveillance.
Visit www.govplace.com for more information.
Media Contact Govplace Shannon Edwards, Marketing Manager 571-409-7196 [email protected]  The post Why Govplace Fits USCIS Like a Glove appeared first on Govplace.



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