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Where gaming and education converge.
Well, history repeats itself, though this time with considerably less resistance on my part.
Once again, my radar is getting pinged from different sources about a new game called.
First, I’m seeing the amazing  (aka ) posting Let’s Play videos with the game.
Then, one of our district media coordinators contacted me saying that her son wanted to buy it and wondering if I knew anything about it.
So, I did the responsible thing… I bought it myself.
Check out the game trailer below:   Creative tinkering and trial-and-error exploration are hallmarks of the game play and those are just a couple of the reasons Scrap Mechanic has huge implications for learning.
This is a fantastic, digital maker space.
This would be a welcome addition to classrooms and media centers looking for an alternative digital space to encourage students’ creativity.
Either turn your learners loose and let them follow their own interests, or give them a challenge to help them get started.
Build a vehicle that can transport three or more crates from your shop to the warehouse.
Create a stable, rocket-powered car.
Design a machine that will fling your friends the farthest.
There are so many possibilities.
As they design students will have to wrestle with engineering challenges.
“How can I add weight to make this vehicle more stable?”  “To what angle should I set this bearing to maximize the reach of my lift arm?”                                                                                  January 30.

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