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BMW is finally introducing Android Auto into its cars

BMW is finally introducing Android Auto into its cars, via an over-the-air software upgrade that will be rolled out to customers at the end of this year        SINGAPORE    BMW will be rolling out an update to its Operating System 7 in-car software in the fourth quarter of this year, .

And the biggest addition will be the inclusion of Android Auto support

It’s a major shift for BMW, as up until now, .

The BMW OS has only been available with Apple CarPlay compatibility

The introduction of Android Auto means that owners with Google Android-powered smartphones will be able to use their devices natively in their BMWs at last.
A BMW Asia spokesperson confirmed that the update will be rolled out globally via an over-the-air remote software upgrade starting from Q4 2020, but added that there’s no fixed timeframe for it to be offered to existing BMW customers in Singapore as of yet.
However, expect to see the upgraded system feature on new models that BMW will launch from that point onwards, and the first possible model we could see with the update could be the facelifted 5 Series (or LCI in BMW-speak), which is expected to land here later this year.

Find out what else is new on the 5 Series LCI with our extensive lowdown here
While Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility are now commonplace

BMW’s announcement is significant because it offers the availability of wireless connectivity.

BMW was the first brand to offer wireless Apple CarPlay

allowing Apple devices to sync up with BMW’s OS without the need for physical cables.
And the new update means that BMW will be one of the very few car brands to have wireless Android Auto connectivity, with users able to access features like Google Maps simply by placing their smartphone on the in-car wireless charging pad.
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Fix your car without leaving your home office Android Auto coming to BMWs

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