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etc.Indoor navigation can help trace key resources

Inventory tracking on the shop floor                                                                                       Indoor inventory tracking depicts the localization of persons and objects within the shop floor and warehouses.
This indoor localization is a technical challenge because GPS devices do not work within interior spaces, besides the need to frequently charge the batteries.
Our indoor, long-range positioning sensor solutions have an accuracy of 5 square meters.Factories and warehouses have many high-value objects such as machinery, tools, spares, raw material, finished goods inventory, etc that need to be located easily and accounted for.
Our Digital twin, shop floor monitoring solution comprises workflow monitoring software, data visualization tools, report builder, analytics, Wirepas mesh license, tags, anchors and gateway devices.
Indoor positioning & mesh technology                                   Bluetooth Low Energy mesh enabled sensors provide the right solution to accurately locate the position of these objects in a shop floor area that spans vast areas of up to 100,000 square meters and supporting up to 1 million devices on a highly reliable, no interference,  zero failure network for production critical applications.
Indoor positioning, workflow monitoring softwareOur research and development team has crossed significant milestones in building on-premise/cloud-enabled indoor positioning software for indoor inventory and workflow monitoring.
The software has the capability to creates zones on the shop floor, assign tracking tags, monitoring sensors such as air quality, tilt, acceleration, pressure, etc and provides a birds-eye view for operations team members take corrective action where needed.The benefits of deployment of efficient, low maintenance and secure indoor positioning systems are many.
These include an increase in productivity, Anti-theft, servicing, etc.Indoor navigation can help trace key resources, their deployment on the shop floor and enable the knowledge transfer process.                                                                                          Benefits of deploying digital twin technologyImprove shop floor workflow productivityImprove safety and security aspects in factoriesEasy to deploy wireless indoor beacon solutionsTrack moving objects within a 5-meter radiusKnow the location of assets, contractors and workersGain insights on production workflow by creating zonesEasily track inventory in warehouses and in-transitImprove office productivity by analyzing workflow patternsOn-premise and Edge gateway deployment for a secure environmentShop floor workflow monitoring software to provide a 360-degree view of the production area.

Indoor positioning in factories

construction & shipyardsIndoor positioning can be realized easily with RipplesIOT software technology.
The combination of our various sensors allows the accuracy of appx five feet.

RipplesIOT deploys multiple sensors for the detection of magnetic fields

CO2, air pressure, barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, and combines them with external sensor data using Wi-Fi and Zigbee network.Our solutions can be integrated as a hybrid – indoor and outdoor tracking platform for last-mile visibility and global roaming GPS & 4G connectivity across 170 countries.Attend our on automation webinars on productivity and learn how Indoor position systems can help improve shop floor productivity.

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