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They […] By Posted on September 26

Category: Theory.
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By    Posted on                   0         Machine-Created Culture: Abdication

We did this to ourselves.
Humanity’s core set of needs include: food, water, protection from the environment (i.e., clothing and/or shelter), survival of the species.

A fifth core need must […]       By    Posted on December 14

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By    Posted on                   0         A Grand Challenge: Applied Archaeogaming

There are three major braids to archaeogaming: external, applied, and reflexive (hat-tip to Tara Copplestone for this elegant demarcation of the discipline).
As she defines them: 1) external archaeogaming examines […]       By    Posted on November 29, .

2017                   0         Assemblage Theory and Video Games

A horse.
A rider.
A bow.
Taken separately, they exist on their own, in their own world, and in their own time.

They have properties and behaviors distinct from one […]       By    Posted on November 1

2017                   0         Recap: Archaeogaming’s (Jump the) Shark Week.
This past week I wanted to write about video game archaeology theory, to see how far I could push things with a focused period of thinking on what it means […]       By    Posted on September 30, 2017                   2         The Noumenophenomenology of Video Games.
Let’s start with some definitions of “phenomenon” and “noumenon” and follow that with how they apply to video games and archaeology: Phenomenon: An object of a person’s perception; what the […]       By    Posted on September 29, 2017                   1         Material-Based Communication in Video Games.
We’ve heard stories (true or not) about roommates who share a living space but never see each other because their schedules never overlap.

They communicate by leaving notes on the […]       By    Posted on September 28

2017                   3         The Archaeology of Video Game Complexity.
In her introductory book Complexity: A Guided Tour, Melanie Mitchell distills how the rules of computational complexity can be applied to any system by anyone interested in understanding the behavior […]       By    Posted on September 27, 2017                   1         Quantum Entanglement and Video Games.
I like to think of archaeology as the science of things and their relationships to the people who make/use them.
These things, some of them old, are actually timeless.
They […]       By    Posted on September 26, 2017                   2         Video Games as Complexity-Created Artifacts.
Linguist Ferdinand de Saussure famously stated that language is composed of hidden rules that we use but don’t articulate.
This is structuralism.

The statement also defines how video games are […]       By    Posted on September 25

2017                   2         Deism and Digital World-Building.
Nearly every aspect of archaeogaming can be considered on two levels: in-game and extra-game.
As Raiford Guins writes in Game After.

“players are not privy to the ‘inner space’ of […]       By    Posted on September 24

2017                   0         Human Geography, Synthetic Heritage.
I recently met with Prof.
Joshua Kirshner who teaches at the University of York and studies human geography.
The purpose of my meeting was to see if there was anything […]       By    Posted on September 6, 2017             2 3 Next.
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