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English Change Language

English                              Change Language.
Posted by    on  August 28, 2020                                                                                                                  Browsing the web is not always a safe activity.

Especially if you come across Livesport.ws

an adware server that has been found to redirect people to livesport365.ws.
What is wrong with redirecting.
If it is unauthorized, people might be redirected against their will.
Furthermore, the websites to which the server might redirect to could be unreliable.
That appears to be the case with livesport365.ws.
Although this website might offer useful information to some of its visitors regarding sports and results, it was found by our Anti-Spyware-101.com research team that it could present links that lead to unreliable websites as well.
In one case, the website offered a link to an illegal gambling website, access to which was automatically blocked by the web browser.
Unfortunately, not all web browsers have such security mechanisms, and so interacting with the content shown on the website could, potentially, be risky.
Of course, in this report, .

We focus on showing you how to remove Livesport.ws components
Select the undesirable source and then click Remove Website

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