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Maybe in the spring.” — Tammie Burns Medina “No school

We asked Facebook: What do you believe is the best action for the FHSAA to take on Friday for the return of high school sports.
“Kids need and deserve sports!.
Let them play!!” — Tanna Herring    “Return to sports.” — Julie Hallman Futch    “Time to get on with things…including high school sports!” — Mallory Wacaser Purdy    “Will depend on choice of brick and mortar.
If they can’t attend.

They can’t play.” — Tammy Downing Simpson    “If colleges don’t think it’s safe

then I’d say it’s not going to be safe for high schools.” — Michael Watkins    “Fall sports – no.
Maybe in the spring.” — Tammie Burns Medina    “No school, no sports.” — Carolyn Cauffman Quaintance    “We need to #SaveOurChildren.” — Amanda Feaster Duncan    “Let them play!” — Michael Witchoskey, Nancy Fryrear, Jodi Raker Felice, Christie Holland Wacaser, Annitta Reddick, Lisa Westmiller Johnson, Paula Switzer    “If they can’t return to school, why should they be able to return to sports, conditioning included.
They are still “practicing” right now even though they may not be in contact or contact is limited, they’re still going to the school campus and practicing… So why not just return them to school as well.
It’s like it’s 1 foot in, make up your mind, either both feet in or both feet out.

I say return them back to school and sports.” — Mary Jensen    “Let the athletes play

If FHSAA fears liability- have the parents sign a waiver releasing that liability!” — Deborah Stasiak    “As a parent of 2 athletes…Let them play.
I also signed up for brick & mortar.” — Lisa Joye-Rhodes The post Around Town 8.13.20 appeared first on Plant City Observer.



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