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Cycling has seen somewhat of a renaissance during lockdown.
This has been amazing for everyone.
Regular cyclists have found themselves with time to cycle even more than ever, but perhaps more importantly, people have been dusting off old bikes they’ve not seen for years and remembering how much enjoyment a bicycle can bring.
But, this could easily all end as life begins to return to normal again.
That’s why we’ve backed the #BIKEISBEST campaign to help support and encourage as many people as possible to get back onto their bikes.
At Yellow Jersey, we believe there is a golden window of opportunity right infront of us to get as many people as possible using bikes for every day trips, not just club rides.
So, we’re asking you all to help us support this campaign but sharing it on your social media platforms and sharing this link with your friends and family.
If we could all encourage one more person to think that #BIKEISBEST then wouldn’t that be great.

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