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7-day Subsidized visit to China

It is not a secret that under the circumstances of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

pandemic entrepreneurs from almost every industry have been pushed to pivot and revise their business models.
But being an entrepreneur sometimes means finding an opportunity in any situation, grow and look ten steps ahead.
And Startupbootcamp will always keep supporting and empowering passionate founders in discovering these opportunities.     That is why we are very excited to announce our partnership with Nanjing Chi-Lin Technology Innovation Park and Huizhong Industry Service Center to support the startups in our global ecosystem in discovering business opportunities, exploring the local market, and scaling-up their ventures in China.     Nanjing Chi-Lin Technology Innovation Park is a high-tech industrial development zone of Jiangsu Province.
It attracts high-tech enterprises by creating technology innovation platforms represented by incubators, science and technology parks, and universities.     Together with Huizhong Industry Service Center, we launched a Chi-Lin Soft-Landing Program – an immersive program for startups and scale-ups in our ecosystem to gain an insight into the local innovation landscape, business culture in China, and prospect new business opportunities.     The program includes:      Online training on “Doing Business in China.” 1-on-1 meetings with decision-makers from leading corporations, investors, and key players from the government.
7-day Subsidized visit to China.
A few weeks ago, 36 high-potential startups and scale-ups in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Science, and Technology Services participated in our online Pitching Roadshow Pre-Selection Session.
Just over a third of them were selected to take part in online training on how to do business in China, facilitated by Startupbootcamp, Huizhong Industry Service Center, and Chi-Lin.     During the training.

The startups will get a grasp on the business environment and culture in China

obtain information regarding rules and legislations, learn the best practices of finding investors, and write a business plan and receive marketing tips and tricks.     After the training, the top startups will be picked for a 7-days visit to China in the near future.     The final selection will be announced soon, so stay tuned!     Here are the pre-selected startups:          We are very excited to be partnering together with Nanjing Chi-Lin High-Tech Industrial Park to open new opportunities and foster the growth of European startups by enabling them to expand beyond their current region to the cultures that were not accessible before.  The post A new launchpad for startups to discover the Chinese market appeared first on Startupbootcamp.



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