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Posted in ,  by stephenhow on June 18, 2011      I got pretty excited last week about possibly exploiting Joker information for the new  game at the Las Vegas Flamingo.
Its a 7-card poker game with a Joker, where up to 6 players hold 5 cards each, and play against a dealer hand.
There are 2 community cards, an Ante, and two 2x betting rounds.
I figured it was a lock that sharing  status with confederates, combined with an optimized strategy both, would yield at least a 5% player edge.
So I worked it all out, and was shocked to find only a ~1% improvement from around a 2% house edge to a 1% house edge.
Search for:.
(Circus Circus).
Doyle on.
Doyle on.
skyfadeaway on.
skyfadeaway on.
skyfadeaway on.
Basil on.
Darwi on.
Post to.

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Unleash your potential with us.
We have 59 jobs, come join us.
Life is Wild.
Being in Wildlife is about being part of something big!Our team is made of exceptional people who are dedicated to creating incredible things.
Help us build the best gaming company to work for in the world.
Which Wilder are you?.
Meet all Teams.
Read the.
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nokia cheap smartphone.
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プライバシーポリシー(以下「本規定」)は、クルーズ株式会社 (以下「当社」)及び当社の子会社(当社と当社の子会社を併せて、以下「当社グループ」)が提供するウェブサイト及びアプリケーション (以下「本サービス」)をご利用される皆様(以下「ユーザー」)の個人情報の取扱いについて規定するものです。本規定は、「利用規約」の一部を構成しています。本規定は、ユーザーが本サービスを利用するとき、及び当社がユーザーから取得した個人情報を利用、管理するときに適用されます。 なお、本規定は、本規定において特別に定める場合を除き、本サービスに広告を掲載している広告主、本サービスを通じて情報やサービスを提供している者等がそれぞれユーザーから取得した個人情報については、適用されません。また、本サービスのユーザー以外の方にも適用されません。        1.個人情報の定義と保護            本規定にいう「個人情報」とは、ユーザー(ただし個人に限ります)の氏名、生年月日、住所、メールアドレス等の情報であって、その記述により特定の個人を識別することができる情報(他の情報と容易に照合することができ、それにより特定の個人を識別することができることとなるものを含みます)を意味します。.
2.取得する情報       当社グループは、前項の個人情報に加えて、ユーザーより、次の情報を取得する場合があります。前項の個人情報と次の情報とを併せて、以下「個人情報等」と言います。         アクセス履歴等の行動情報(以下「履歴情報」).
❺  プロフィール情報やメッセージ等、ユーザーが本サービス上において登録した情報.
❻  本件サービスが、第三者の提供するサービスと連携を行うもので、ユーザーが連携することを承諾した場合、当該サービス上の登録情報.
3.個人情報等の利用目的       当社グループの個人情報等の利用目的は、以下のとおりです。当社グループは、原則として、これ以外の目的では、ユーザー個人情報等を使用しません。ただし、「個人情報の保護に関する法律」(以下「個人情報保護法」といいます)により本人に予め通知をし、または公表することを要しないとされている場合には、この限りではありません。         本サービスを提供するため.
❺  懸賞企画等において、当選された方へ賞品を送るため.
❻  当社グループから広告または広告主の情報を提供するため.
❼  不正利用防止のため.
❽  ユーザーからのお問い合わせへの対応等、ユーザーに各種連絡をするため.
4.共同利用       当社グループは、利用目的の達成に必要な範囲で、個人情報等を、当社グループ各社間で共同利用することがあります。このとき、共同利用する個人情報等の範囲は第2項、共同利用の目的は第3項のとおりです。共同利用者の範囲は、当社グループの各社となります。共同利用における管理責任者は、第12項のとおりです。   5.第三者提供       当社グループは、ユーザーの同意無しで、ユーザー個人情報等を第三者に提供することはいたしません。 ただし、以下の場合及び個人情報保護法により許諾されている場合には、当社グループはユーザーの個人情報等を第三者に提供または開示することがあります。         ユーザー個人情報等の第三者への提供・開示についてユーザー本人の同意がある場合.
6.個人情報等の預託   当社グループは、ユーザーサポート業務・システムの改善・保守や情報処理の業務を外部に委託する際に、個人情報等を預託する場合があります。その際には、高い個人情報保護水準を確保していることを条件に委託先を選定し、秘密保持契約を締結した上で預託を行います。   7.免責事項について   ユーザーが、本サービス上(メール、掲示板を含みますが、これに限られません。)において、当社グループからの提供依頼によらず自発的に個人情報等を開示した場合、その情報が第三者によって収集され使用される可能性があります。これにより、ユーザーが損害を被った場合であっても、当社グループは一切責任を追わないものとします。   8.ユーザー個人情報の開示・訂正・削除等   当社グループは、ユーザーからユーザーの個人情報の開示・訂正・追加・削除または利用停止の申出があった場合は、当社グループが適切と判断する方法によりユーザーの本人確認を行ったうえで、適切と判断した場合には、合理的な範囲で速やかに個人情報を開示・訂正・追加・削除または利用停止の措置を実施いたします。   9.
クッキー(Cookie)について   当社グループは、履歴情報を取得するためにクッキー(Cookie)を使用することがあります。クッキーとは、ユーザーが本サービスを訪問したときに、サーバーがユーザーのパソコンにデータを送るために利用する小さなテキストファイルで、クッキーに保存されている情報だけではユーザーを特定することはできません。また、本サービスでは、広告配信、効果測定、利便性の向上等のために広告を表示している会社や第三者企業において、クッキーまたはウェブビーコン等を使用することがあります。この場合のクッキーまたはウェブビーコンの利用は、各会社のプライバシーの考え方に従って行われます。ユーザーは、使用しているブラウザの設定を変更することによりクッキーを拒否することができます。クッキーを拒否した場合には、本サービスの一部がご利用できない場合がありますので、予めご了承ください。   10.本規定の改訂   当社グループは、ユーザーの承諾を得ずに本規定の全部または一部を改訂することができます。ただし重要な変更と当社グループが判断した場合には、本サービス上において、分かりやすい方法でユーザーにお知らせします。    11.
その他      13歳未満の児童の利用について(本項は、米国のユーザーに対してのみ適用します。) 米国の「児童オンラインプライバシー保護法」によって、13歳未満の児童から収集、利用又は開示された個人情報に対して一定のルールが課されています。両親や保護者は、子供の本サービスへのアクセスや利用について監視し、制限するようお願いします。当社グループは13歳未満の児童であることを承知のうえでその児童から個人情報を収集したり、個人情報を求めたり、本サービスの利用をさせたりしません。ユーザーが13歳未満の場合は、本サービスを利用したり、氏名、住所、電話番号あるいはメールアドレスを含めた自分自身の情報を送信しようとしないでください。13歳未満の児童の場合、誰もが個人情報を提供しません。当社グループは13歳未満の児童の個人情報が収集されていることを知った場合には、速やかにその個人情報を削除します。   12.個人情報保護管理責任者       当社グループの個人情報保護管理責任者及びその所属部署、連絡先は以下の通りです。             ・個人情報保護管理責任者及びその所属部署 経営戦略本部 個人情報保護管理責任者.
当社グループの個人情報の取扱いに関して疑問、苦情等、または個人情報の開示・訂正・追加・削除・利用停止の希望がある場合には、上記連絡先までご連絡ください。          附則    2015年5月12日 改定.
Osaki Garden Tower 20F 1-1-1 Nishishinagawa Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 141-0033 Japan Copyright (C) CROOZ,Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

#6 071 Dungeon Crawl Classics Part 1 » Of course this image is partly based on… Read more » 2020-09-05 11:50:01

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When it comes to restaurants, .

Berlin offers a wide scenerio of possibilities

You can decide to visit an expensive restaurant at a touristic location…     Read more                      October 22, .

2013         Play golf in Berlin: Golf Resort Berlin Pankow

When people think about golf, they normally think about the upperclass, expensive cars and posh people.
Of course this image is partly based on…     Read more.

#7 Jane McGonigal » edurealms.com » Jane McGonigal » edurealms.com » 2020-09-05 06:55:22

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Where gaming and education converge.
How could I not post this video.
It really lies at the heart of what we’re doing with the.
March 26.

2010 |                                                                 Posted in:

,  |                                         Tags: , , , ,  |                                                                                                                                                                            Brandon Sheffield, writer for Gamasutra, covered  at the Game Developer’s Conference, which is going on this week.  In her talk,  made some very poignant remarks about the nature of massively multiplayer online games (MMO’s), why they’re so successful, and how there’s true potential in the medium.  Of course, her remarks have some powerful implications for educational gaming:                                                                                  March 24, 2009 |                                                                 Posted in: ,  |                                         Tags: , , , , , ,.
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#8 Why you need real people for Bug Tests in the Media & Broadcasting Industry » SFP Trust award a Defibrillator to Pollok United F.C. » 2020-09-04 15:12:46

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SFP Trust Defibrillator Project 2020 – #Safeguarding Clubs and Communities Once again

The Scottish Football Partnership Trust (SFPT) has teamed up with The Kilpatrick Fraser Charitable Trust (KFCT) to put together a funding strand which will see 12 community football clubs provided with a lifesaving defibrillator.
In 2015 Parliament passed the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 giving more rights to community bodies to take over land and buildings in public ownership through asset transfer.
Since then, many grassroots community football clubs and organisations across all parts of Scotland have benefitted from these new rights and have been able to take over football pitches and pavilions via Community Asset Transfer.
Essentially these football clubs have evolved into becoming community service and facility providers and in recognition of this.

The SFPT and the KFCT were keen to assist safeguard the health and wellbeing of players

coaches, parents, grandparents and other members of the wider community who attend these facilities on a weekly basis.
Pollok United F.C.
recently received a defibrillator through this new scheme to help safeguard the users of the Corkerhill Community Hub at Corkerhill Place in Glasgow.
Andy Elliott, the club’s Development Officer, said “At present our club has around 450 members who regularly visit our facility which hosts a variety of football activity including training evenings, and league and cup matches which our various teams compete in at youth and juvenile level.
When you add on family members and other casual users we have a regular weekly footfall at Corkerhill Place of over 600 members of our community which this scheme will help to protect should the need ever arise.
We are extremely grateful to the SFP Trust and the KFCT for supporting our club and our community”.
British Heart Foundation – Why defibrillators for your community are important “Communities can play a big part in creating a nation of life savers.
Having a defibrillator in your community and training people in CPR means that more people will know what to do when someone has a cardiac arrest.” Does my community need a defibrillator.
“Yes, your community needs a defibrillator.

For every minute someone is in cardiac arrest without CPR and access to a defibrillator

their chances of survival drops by up to 10%.
Having access to a defibrillator in an emergency can be lifesaving, especially in rural areas where ambulance response times may be longer.” What are the benefits of having a defibrillator in my community.

“Less than 1 in 10 people in the UK survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

This has been partly attributed to two factors that communities can change:  There aren’t enough people prepared to perform CPR when someone has a cardiac arrest There aren’t enough defibrillators  By having a defibrillator in your community and by training people in CPR, you can play an important part in saving more lives.”  *Since 2012, The Scottish Football Partnership and Trust has invested over £200,000 in upskilling around 2,250 coach volunteers in Sports First Aid in conjunction with the Hampden Sports Clinic.

#9 October 15, 2014 » Product Recall Solution » 2020-09-04 13:08:35

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Imagine, quickly and easily seeing where every item you are buying, building, or selling, currently sits in your supply or fulfillment process.
Imagine, in one click, finding the ingredients to every product you make, and then finding every product you made from those ingredients, whether you’ve shipped them or not.

QueBIT’s Product ReQALL provides a quick and efficient view into your operations

allowing you to find the needle in the haystack, and even how many haystacks have needles!” Simple, Efficient, Real-time: ReQALL allows your business to proactively avert crises and retro-actively analyze vital information to prevent future crises.
Features include:  Quick Product Search in real-time Full trackability across production processes Supports Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA § 320.1 (RECORDS, REGISTRATION, AND REPORTS) Records are vital in tracing products forwarded to consignees and back to potential suppliers Ability to export to many formats  Click for full-sized image The Filters: Easily search your operational data with a rich and flexible assortment of relevant operational parameters.
Click for full-sized image The Summary: Get a quick overview of where your product is throughout your supply, inventory management, and fulfillment processes, as well as one click access to detailed information.
Watch complete webinar now.
Case Study: See how Surlean Foods tackled food safety in real-time using Cognos Analytics 11.

#10 EKA and Transflo Announce Strategic Collaboration to Digitize Transportation .. » etc.   By leveraging the NextHealth platform » 2020-09-04 10:28:46

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Blue Cross of Idaho (“BCI”) was focused on improving affordability for its members and customers.
Their Healthcare Economics Division had identified the need to complete a baseline evaluation of over 50 initiatives across a range of use cases.
However, their capacity to complete the analysis averaged one program per month – thus projecting a requirement of over 4 years to complete their work.
Additionally, the team wanted to provide a granular level of reporting on each initiative across a variety of key performance indicators such as net paid claims savings, drivers of consumer behavior by cohort, utilization, cost, impacts on utilization of alternative care settings, etc.   By leveraging the NextHealth platform, BCI was able to “leapfrog” its capability to conduct the evaluation process and assessed all 50+ programs in six months.
In addition to establishing essential baselines, the plan gained:   Trust in the data by using an analytically rigorous program setup and methodologies   A platform for data sharing – expediting communications with stakeholders   Data-backed reports leverage with customers, brokers and sales teams – facilitating a market advantage and opportunity to propel business growth   The first step toward affordability – knowing what works – with the advanced breadth.

Depth and speed of the NextHealth platform

is key to plans understanding what they have, what they need to look at, and where to go from there.   Drew Hobby, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Economics at Blue Cross of Idaho, recently shared some of his company’s best practices in a webinar hosted by NextHealth.
What follows are the 5 steps he outlined in moving to improved affordability.
“We have to move quickly.

We only have so many resources at Blue Cross of Idaho

and it’s critical that we are allocating them in the exact right way and getting the most value out of those resources.”   Step 1: Start with a baseline  Prior to NextHealth, Blue Cross of Idaho was evaluating one clinical program a month.
At that pace, it would have taken them four years to complete a baseline analysis of all of their initiatives.

But by leveraging NextHealth’s advanced analytics platform

the plan measured 50+ programs in just six months with a level of granularity that allowed them to prioritize their affordability efforts.     “A lot of folks have access to data and can do analytics.
That’s very different than actually executing and taking actions that drive medical expense reduction for your customers.”   Step 2: Establish a governance structure to support fast, data-driven decisions   In response to client demand, Blue Cross of Idaho implemented a new operating model dedicated to reducing healthcare costs for customers by capitalizing on data insights.
Establishing a Healthcare Economics Division consisting of an Analytics group and a Healthcare Solutions team ensured integration with the business needs, data-driven insights, and a way to move those insights rapidly into workflow.     “We earn a lot of value in telling customers about programs that are driving positive results and equally, programs that are not.
And then, ‘Here’s why,’”    Step 3: Uncover insights with a wide array of key performance indicators  Know what is working and what is not beyond the total cost of care by including a wide variety of additional KPIs to evaluate within a program.
NextHealth’s platform with its ability to craft custom KPIs makes it easy to achieve highly granular studies to generate actionable insights and uncover previously unseen opportunities to further impact cost reduction.
This deep level of understanding allows plans to articulate whether a solution is working and where there is opportunity to improve.   “NextHealth was huge in helping us feel very comfortable with the propensity score and the matching of comparing cohorts…which makes us really comfortable with calculating the ROI.
If we are sitting down in front of a large account, we need to be very confident with the integrity of the case study.”   Step 4: Utilize trustworthy results to build customer relationships  Organizational trust in analytic reporting is not always a given.

But the methodological rigor embedded in the NextHealth platform (for example

propensity score matching and over 300 covariates to select comparative cohorts), instills confidence in the study results and thus earns greater credibility with health plan employer customers.
The platform puts rapid, actionable, credible data in plan executives’ hands, enabling them to demonstrate value to their customers in the most compelling way.    “We can continuously measure all existing and new solutions every month in perpetuity.
NextHealth allows us to do it rapidly and with integrity so our team can spend time focused on what’s driving solutions instead of digging for data.”   Step 5: Measure repeatedly to drive optimization NextHealth’s scalable platform stands alone in its delivery of speed, scale, and granularity.
That means that valuable resources formerly spent on data analysis can be more productively focused on evaluating results, solutions and program design.
Programs can be evaluated continually, producing metrics for future program design.
Solutions can be designed and measured using very specific inputs and forecast from a medical expense improvement standpoint that flows all the way though the value chain.
Determining which solutions are working and whether there is additional opportunity drives ongoing expense reduction, and the NextHealth platform means it’s all available in real time.   The NextHealth platform empowers health plans with unique capabilities to measure all of their clinical programs in a comprehensive and efficient manner, and then use the results to further investigate and drive affordability efforts.
Blue Cross of Idaho was able to radically speed up their program evaluation and focus their attention on what mattered most – improving affordability and improving outcomes. To learn more, please contact us.
The post Creating a Baseline: 5 Steps to Measure Everything and Improve Affordability appeared first on NextHealth Technologies, Inc..

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Contact us to get the recording of the webinar Point’n’shoot: Capture Profit with Photos Print Automation  – fill the form below.
Leading Power, Flexibility and Speed Solution In a world of smartphones and social medias, the growth in the number of photos taken each year is exponential.
Photo products grew in popularity too as an addition to printer’s offering with the rise of digital printing.
Although many consider this market as a gold mine, producing photos and photo products is becoming more and more challenging.
The 24-hour shipping policy brings its share of headaches to printers who are already balancing between their customer expectations for high quality while paying the cheapest price possible.
During this webinar, the Ultimate Experts will demonstrate how the right imposition automation software can increase your productivity and profitability with record-breaking turnaround times, maximum reduction of waste of resources and seamless connectivity with upstream and downstream systems.
Learn how today’s leading print service providers are combining Ultimate Impostrip® with Enfocus Switch for compelling results to become the competitor to beat in their market.
What you’ll learn  How leading PSPs are breaking speed-record with Ultimate Impostrip®; Increase margins for print photos, photo books, yearbooks, calendars, and all kind of photo products; Automated imposition combined with Enfocus Switch; High-volume photo streaming and batching; Automated JPEG & rotation or use PDF workflow; Real life use cases.
Who can benefit from this session.
Photo labs; Web2print photo album printer; Central print facility serving photo kiosks; Print service provider who produces photos print and photo products; Anyone looking to reduce cost, increase productivity and automate all processes.
Ultimate Impostrip® optimizes every aspect of the prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use yet extremely versatile.
The new version of Ultimate Impostrip®, which received an award for its AI based Imposition Agent, empowers printers with the flexibility and dynamic intelligence needed for efficient print operations to reduce costs and drive results.
Enfocus Switch allows users to create powerful workflows that ensure desired level of consistency and quality, while being flexible enough to adjust to new business needs as they develop.
With the new Ultimate Impostrip® Configurator, Enfocus Switch users reach new levels of automation.
FILL THE FORM TO GET THE RECORDING  Point’n’shoot: Capture Profit with Photos Print Automation                                                                        Contact - Marketing & Sales                                                                               First name*Last name*Email*                                                      Telephone*Company name*Country*Country *AfghanistanAlbaniaAlgeriaAmerican SamoaAndorraAngolaAntigua and BarbudaArgentinaArmeniaAustraliaAustriaAzerbaijanBahamasBahrainBangladeshBarbadosBelarusBelgiumBelizeBeninBermudaBhutanBoliviaBosnia and HerzegovinaBotswanaBrazilBruneiBulgariaBurkina FasoBurundiCambodiaCameroonCanadaCape VerdeCayman IslandsCentral African RepublicChadChileChinaColombiaComorosCongo, Democratic Republic of theCongo, Republic of theCosta RicaCôte d'IvoireCroatiaCubaCuraçaoCyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkDjiboutiDominicaDominican RepublicEast TimorEcuadorEgyptEl SalvadorEquatorial GuineaEritreaEstoniaEthiopiaFaroe IslandsFijiFinlandFranceFrench PolynesiaGabonGambiaGeorgiaGermanyGhanaGreeceGreenlandGrenadaGuamGuatemalaGuineaGuinea-BissauGuyanaHaitiHondurasHong KongHungaryIcelandIndiaIndonesiaIranIraqIrelandIsraelItalyJamaicaJapanJordanKazakhstanKenyaKiribatiNorth KoreaSouth KoreaKosovoKuwaitKyrgyzstanLaosLatviaLebanonLesothoLiberiaLibyaLiechtensteinLithuaniaLuxembourgMacedoniaMadagascarMalawiMalaysiaMaldivesMaliMaltaMarshall IslandsMauritaniaMauritiusMexicoMicronesiaMoldovaMonacoMongoliaMontenegroMoroccoMozambiqueMyanmarNamibiaNauruNepalNetherlandsNew ZealandNicaraguaNigerNigeriaNorthern Mariana IslandsNorwayOmanPakistanPalauPalestine, State ofPanamaPapua New GuineaParaguayPeruPhilippinesPolandPortugalPuerto RicoQatarRomaniaRussiaRwandaSaint Kitts and NevisSaint LuciaSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesSamoaSan MarinoSao Tome and PrincipeSaudi ArabiaSenegalSerbiaSeychellesSierra LeoneSingaporeSint MaartenSlovakiaSloveniaSolomon IslandsSomaliaSouth AfricaSpainSri LankaSudanSudan, SouthSu.
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Agosto de 2020 – Vol.
25 – Nº 8  Walmor J.
Piccinini   Resolvi publicar as notícias de falecimento de psiquiatras da primeira geração de psiquiatras pernambucanos.

Vamos começar com José Mariz de Moraes e Vicente Gomes de Matos

Recuperando figuras da história que nosso amigo Othon gostava de citar.
José Mariz de Moraes (3 de fevereiro e 1911 – 9 de agosto de 1956).
Natural de Pernambuco e falecido no Rio de Janeiro.
Psiquiatra e Psicanalista.
Fez seus estudos secundários no Colégio Nóbrega.

Ingressou na Faculdade de Medicina do Recife em 1928

No 3º.
Ano transferiu-se para a Faculdade Nacional de Medicina no Rio de Janeiro onde diplomou-se em 1933.
Foi interno da Secção de Psiquiatria da Casa de Saúde Dr.
Eiras e dos serviços dos profs.
Austregésilo e Henrique Roxo.

Iniciou sua vida profissional no Rio de Janeiro em 1934

Em 1936 transferiu-se para Recife para ocupar o cargo de Diretor do Serviço Aberto de Assistência a Psicopatas de Pernambuco.
Nesse mesmo ano foi classificado no Concurso para Assistente efetivo daquela Assistência com uma tese >.
A partir de 1939 prestou colaboração profissional na Caixa de Aposentadoria e Pensões de Serviços Urbanos de Recife.
Em 1940 prestou concurso para o IAPI e exerceu o cargo de Superintendente Médico Regional.
Depois transferiu-se para o Rio de Janeiro como Superintendente Geral dos Serviços Médicos.
Em 1944 prestou simultaneamente concurso para as docências de Clínica Neurológica e Clínica Psiquiátrica na Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Brasil, respectivamente com as teses intituladas > e > conquistando ambas com brilhantismo.
A partir daí, .

Fixou residência no Rio de Janeiro
Foi um dos fundadores do Instituto Brasileiro de Psicanálise

Dedicou-se a psicanálise.
Nas vésperas de apresentar seu trabalho para obter reconhecimento pela IPA, faleceu repentinamente.
Dos seus trabalhos podemos destacar.

Hiperpneia provocada na crise epiléptica – Jornal dos Médicos 1933– Rio de Janeiro

Escola para Anormais.
– Jornal dos Médicos- 1934.
RJ A Laborterapia dos Alienados.
Jornal dos Médicos 1935- RJ Perspectivas psiquiátricas de alguns traços totêmico e tabus do indígena brasileiro – Arq.

A Psicopatas de Pernambuco – 1936 Espírito dos Serviços Abertos de Psiquiatria

Jornal do Comercio-Recife 1937.
Interpretacion de las manifestaciones artísticas de los alienados.
Revista Mexicana de Psiquiatria, Neurologia e Medicina legal.
1938 (5_; 24 página 19.
Demência paralítica e tabo-paralisia geral da infância.
Medicina, /Cirurgia e Farmácia.
1938, 25 p.177.
Rio de Janeiro.
Esquizofrenia em gêmeos em colaboração com João Marques de Sá.

Arquivos Brasileiros de Neuriatria e Psiquiatria

1938 (21) 1-2.
Classification and Statistics on Psychiatry.
The Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, 1938 vol.88 (5).
A loucura na hora atual.
A Nação – Porto Alegre, 1939 Eczema psicógeno – Medicina, Cirurgia e Farmácia.
Escritor, deixou uma coletânea de Contos Lagoa Seca e a novela tocata e Fuga.
Nóbrega – o primeiro jesuíta do Brasil em 1940.
Austregésilo – história de um professor de medicina em 1947.
Deixou ainda um ensaio biográfico sobre Alceu de Amoroso Lima e um romance intitulado A Luz de Damasco.
No meu Índice Bibliográfico tenho os seguintes artigos: Moraes, José Mariz de.
Acerca do problema da catatonia.
Docência, Tese-Fac.Med.
Do Recife.
Interpretacion de las manifestaciones artisticas de los alienados.
Mexicana De Psiq.Neurol.
e Med.Legal.
1938; 5(24):19.
A laborterapia dos alienados.
Jornal Dos Médicos, Rio De Janeiro.
Perspectivas Psiquiátricas de Alguns Rasgos Totêmicos e Tabus do Indígena Brasileiro.
a Psicopatas De Pernambuco.
1936; 6(1,2):2-37.
Rumos psiquiátricos da alma ameríndia.
De Neuriatria e Psiquiatria.
1936; 19(6):6.
Moraes, José Mariz de e Sá, João Marques de: Esquizofrenia em gêmeos.
De Neuriatria e Psiquiatria.
1938; 21(1-2):28-37.
Vicente Gomes de Matos (14.11.1888 – 31.10.1958)  Falecido em acidente automobilístico quando se dirigia à Colônia de Alienados de Barreiros onde era diretor desde sua fundação em 3.09.1931.
estava às vésperas da aposentadoria compulsória por estar às vésperas dos 70 anos, idade da compulsória.
Nasceu em Recife, onde fez seus estudos preparatórios.

Transferiu-se para o Rio de Janeiro e formou-se em Medicina em 5.05.1914
Foi companheiro de turma do Professor Ulisses Pernambucano

Ambos foram internos do Hospício Nacional de Alienados.

Quando estudante no Rio de Janeiro lecionou física e química no Ginásio de Petrópolis

do qual foi vice-diretor.
Voltando a Pernambuco, logo após sua formatura, iniciou clínica na cidade do Cabo, em 19.05.1914 e em seguida em Goiana, Recife e Barreiros.
Exerceu sucessivamente os cargos de Inspetor Sanitário do Estado e de médico do Posto de Higiene de Goiana nos anos de 1914 a 1916.
Em 1950 foi nomeado médico do Saneamento Rural.
Em 1915, após brilhante concurso para professor da cadeira de história natural da Escola de Farmácia de Pernambuco, sendo classificado em 1º.
Em 1931 o professor Ulisses Pernambucano.

Naquela época diretor de assistência a psicopatas de Pernambuco

no auge de sua atividade reformadora, idealizava e iniciava uma obra de alta relevância médico-social, a fundação da Colônia de Alienados, destinada a doentes crônicos e a efetivação em nosso meio da terapêutica pelo trabalho e confiava sua direção e organização (3.09.1931) ao Dr.
Vicente Matos, dando-lhe todo apoio e prestígio e colaboração, conhecedor que era dos méritos e capacidade desse médico, seu antigo companheiro.
Dedicou sua vida a esta atividade.
“Veio para a colônia pobre e, ainda mais pobre estava quando morreu”.
“Desapareceu o nobre colega, representante de uma estirpe de homens de elevado gabarito moral que muito rareia em nossos dias e um dos mais brilhantes e experimentados diretores que já teve a Divisão de Assistência a Psicopatas e que tão alto soube elevar o seu nome no conceito científico do Estado e mesmo do País (Hélio Codeceira).

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When students begin my Writing For The Media class

they often feel defeated right off the bat.
Our first assignment of any substance is to rewrite a lead and I tell them right off the bat that it will take us about three or four one-hour class periods to analyze professional writers’ leads, write them, analyze their efforts and rewrite them to any level of decency.
Four hours to write one sentence.
They look at me like I’m demented.
Then, after it takes four hours and they STILL feel like they have no idea if it’s exactly right or not, more than a few of them tell me a simple truism: “This is way harder than I thought!” Unfortunately, they often follow it up with this: “Maybe I’m just not meant to be a writer…” The truth about writing is that nobody is “meant to be a writer.” It’s a skill that takes a long time to develop and even more practice to hone.
Even the best writers fall on their keys occasionally, so it’s also a humbling skill that can seem to turn against you and cripple you like a bad back.
I tell the students, “Don’t worry.
It’ll get better.
We’ll get there together, .

I promise.” Those that stick with the class often find that to be true

Then, they start realizing how horrible a lot of the writing around them is and feel really good about how far they’ve come.
If you’re looking for a good place to get that basic ego boost, you should look no further than Facebook’s Marketplace.
Even the most mediocre of writing students can feel like Hemingway after cruising through a few ads there.
The advertisements I’m talking about aren’t those that promise “Hot young singles in your area want to talk to you!” Or “One simple trick will enhance your manhood.” Or “Grow back all your hair with this safe.

Natural supplement.” (Or as I like to call these things

the “Fisher-Price My First Midlife Crisis Kit.”) I’m talking about ads that regular people in your area post to try to sell everything from used deodorant (it’s out there) to used vehicles.
It is here where tortured prose goes to be tortured some more.
For those of you looking for writing lessons in places beyond the textbook or the news sites, send your students to this Valley of Duh and they can learn some valuable writing lessons like these: VERB TENSE MATTERS: In my writing class, we talk about the verb of the sentence as being like the engine of a vehicle.
A strong and powerful verb can really make that sentence fly.
A weak verb requires you to prop it up with a dozen adverbs and other descriptors, .

The way you would have to turbocharge a Yugo

The tense of that verb can also mean the difference between a great sentence and a horrible correction.
Here’s a fun example: We are looking for a “beater” truck to help us around the Ponderosa these days.
The idea is that between Amy’s need to haul mulch and the requirement that we haul our own trash to the dump down the road, we want something with an open bed that can accomplish dirty tasks.
It can look like someone set fire to it and put it out with a set of golf clubs, but it needs to start easy, run reliably and stop when we push the brakes.

In flipping through Facebook ads

we found a 1978 Ford F-250 that looked good.
The ad noted that it wasn’t much to look at but it “starts and runs great.” So, we drove about an hour up the road to see it.
The first clue things were wrong was that it was in a storage shed behind a bunch of other crap the guy and his kid were frantically moving out of the way.
The second clue.
Under the hood of the car, the carburetor (which is vitally important to starting and running) was being held open with a screwdriver.
When it came time to start the truck, the kid got behind the wheel and the seller began pouring gasoline directly into the engine.
Even then, it didn’t start.
It didn’t even make a sound, as the battery was dead, too.
“I thought you said this starts and runs,” I said.
“It did when I put it away last spring,” he replied.
You don’t have to be an expert in much of anything to know that a lot can change in 15 months.

If you look back at your Facebook memories from last year at this time

something tells me that you’ll notice more than a few differences between then and now.
Hell, 15 months ago, the only reference to a “coronavirus” was probably how you described the morning after a rough Cinco de Mayo party.
After a few more attempts to start it, I told the guy that I was leaving.
Thus, “starts and runs” should have been “started and ran a while ago.” FACT CHECK THE HELL OUT OF STUFF: As the above example demonstrates, not everything you see in these ads is factually accurate.
I suppose I could give the guy a pass on the starting and running as it actually did at one point.
(I mean the Enterprise didn’t beam that truck into the storage unit.) I’m a little less forgiving about things that clearly aren’t true.

We went to see a 1964 Ford 100 that seemed to fit the bill

When I got there, everything was what I wanted: sturdy truck bed, good tires, strong brakes and more.
The problem.
The truck was listed as having an automatic transmission, something that wasn’t true.
(In case you are unaware, if you have THREE large pedals along the floor of the driver’s side of the car and you need to step on the one on the far left frequently as you shift a stick near your right hand as you drive along, this is a MANUAL transmission.
It’s also known as a “stick shift” because you are shifting it manually, with that little stick.
If you have TWO large pedals along the floor of the driver’s side and you need to apply the brake only ONCE as you shift your car to the “D” spot on the gear shift, wherever it is located, and the car does the rest of the gear shifting for you, this is called an AUTOMATIC transmission.
It means the car “automatically” shifts for you as you go faster and faster and faster.) Truth be told, I can’t drive a stick shift.

Well… That’s not entirely accurate

If you got mauled by a bear and I had to get you to the hospital to save your life and the only car available was your stick-shift car, I could get you there.
You would live, but we’d be holding a funeral for your clutch and gearbox.
This guy was not alone in listing his vehicle with the wrong transmission.
I saw FOUR of these online that listed the trucks as being “automatic” when I could see pictures of both the shifter and the clutch in the ad.
When I asked a couple people about the inconsistencies, they said, .

“Oh… Yeah… then I guess it is a stick…” Good grief

When it comes to your own writing, fact check the hell out of stuff before you publish it.
If you aren’t sure about nuances like the difference between a bacteria and a virus, look both of them up and make sure you’re right.
If you don’t know what a word means, look it up before you toss it in there because you’re pretty sure about it.

If you don’t know the difference between an automatic and a stick shift… Well

you probably didn’t read this post carefully enough.
Go back and take another look.

CONSISTENCY AND CLARITY COUNT: When it comes to your writing

you want people to feel informed and grounded in the topic.
Being consistent in your writing helps with this.
When you get contradictory information in a piece of writing, it can be more than a little jarring.
Case in point:  In reading the opening, I’m looking at a $4,000 truck.
When I get to the body of ad, it’s $10,000 (or best offer, which I’m guessing won’t be at the $4,000 level).
Another ad showed a truck with a plow for $2,000.
The body of the ad noted, “Don’t low ball me by offering $4K for both the plow and the truck.” I wasn’t sure how offering twice what you asked for something would be a “low ball,” so I asked the guy.
“The truck is $2,000 but it doesn’t come with the plow.
That’s at least another $5,000.” So, maybe mention that.
Another oddity of inconsistency comes from a seller who notes “Truck runs, drives and stops as it should.
Will need to be trailered.” OK, wait… If this thing is road-worthy, running, driving AND stopping as it should, WHY do I need to tow it out of there.
In the field of professional advertising, what these folks are doing would be called “bait-and-switch,” where a business offers one thing and then quickly switches it out for a more expensive item or inferior product.
I wouldn’t accuse these folks of this tactic, as I think they’re just bad at communicating what they want.
Still, if you’re trying to reach an audience, this can be annoying for your readers.
EVERYTHING CAN USE AN EDIT: “needs rear main seal eventually ,leeks new brakes” (I’m guessing it either leaks from the rear main seal or the guy is using giant scallions to stop his truck.) “needs new breaks and break lines” (What do we need to break on it?) “Has manuel transmission” (I wonder who Manuel is, but if he can run the stick-shift for me, I’m interested…) “I have a 1966 ford Ltd for sale starts, runs, drives ,surface rust only I have two separate interior for it everything works as it should blinkers, whipers, windows everything works price is negotiable please feel free to contact me with offers and for more information” (Located on just above and slightly to the right of the space bar is the period key.
Try using it once or twice.
Or more.) “2WD, 4SP, 350 CI, Need brks, batt.
U haul, 2500 obo No LBall.” (This is either a text message in code or a ransom note crafted by someone with limited access to magazine covers.) I’m hopeful these bits and bites of information can help you as you look to work on your writing.
And, yes, we’re still looking for a truck.

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The round-robin and qualification round is over and the real playoffs begin tomorrow in the NHL.
Things got spicy over the last week, with upsets and comebacks galore.
The draft lottery is tonight, where one of the eliminated teams will get the chance to grab the first-overall pick as a consolation prize.
With 15 teams now watching from the (perhaps virtual) golf course, it’s time to run another PHR mailbag.
Our last mailbag was split into two parts, which you can read here and here.
In the first, Brian tackled questions such as Jack Eichel’s future in Buffalo and Lindy Ruff’s new coaching gig.

The second focused on team finances and the top NHL draft prospects

You can submit a question by using #PHRMailbag on Twitter or by leaving a comment down below with the mailbag running on the weekend.

#15 Novartis enlists the help of Aridhia’s DRE in Data Science and AI Challenge » was elected LYMEC president for 2018-2020 » 2020-09-03 07:02:15

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Last weekend over 130 young liberals from all over Europe gathered in Berlin, .

Germany for the electoral congress of the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC)

The congress handled statutory matters, debated policy and elected a new leadership for the upcoming two years.
Svenja Hahn, 28, was elected LYMEC president for 2018-2020.

Who was Vice President in the 2016-18 LYMEC Bureau and Press officer before that

was nominated by the German member organisations Junge Liberale and Bundesverband Liberaler Hochschulgruppen.
In her acceptance speech she emphasized that it’s time for young liberals to show the way and turn the challenges Europe faces into opportunities.
“The time for thinking in patterns like black and white is over.
Liberals think in opportunities and challenges.
One year ahead of the EP elections Europe for sure faces many challenges but LYMEC will work to turn them into opportunities.
Opportunities for an EU that offers more to its future citizens than to any generation before.
We will make sure LYMEC puts topics that matter for youth high on the agenda with our political partners in ALDE Party and ALDE Group.
Because only with joint forces can we create a progressive and liberal future.” Svenja will be supported in her role by Edgaras Mascinskas as Vice President.

Who is an individual member of LYMEC

lives in Brussels but is originally from Lithuania.

He was the campaign and communications officer in the past Bureau

Lena Höglund from the Swedish Youth of Finland was elected as Treasurer.

Lena was the policy officer in the 2016-18 Bureau

The new Bureau Members are Antoaneta Asenova from the Bulgarian member organisation Youth Movement for Rights and Freedom, Pau Castellví Canet from the Catalan member organisation Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya, Deimantė Rimkutė from Lithuanian Liberal Youth (LLJ) and Dan-Aria Sucuri from the Liberal Youth of Sweden (LUF).
The congress also confirmed the re-appointment of Danica Vihinen as the Secretary General for a second two-year mandate.
The Internal Auditors for the 2018-20 mandate are Niklas Milthers (Individual Member, Denmark) and Erki Raja (Estonian Reformparty Youth), and the new LYMEC representative to the Bureau of the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) is Sergiu Boghean from the Liberal Youth of Moldova.

The congress also elected ten delegates to the ALDE Party Congress: Marina Sedlo

Bàlint Gyévai, Ida-Maria Skytte, Mitja Schulz, Alistair Spearing, Keith Henry, Kristo Enn Vaga, Syuleyman Shaban, Benjamin Fievet and Andre Eduard Gruber.
The congress was preceded by a seminar.

Organised in cooperation with European Liberal Forum

on the Liberal Fightback, lifting the mood ahead of the 2019 European Parliament elections by reminding the young liberals how liberal parties across Europe have fought their way back after major losses.
The seminar was a kick-off for LYMEC’s work to support young candidates and its member organisations ahead of the elections.
The congress also discussed resolutions on a broad spectrum of topics ranging from digitisation and artificial intelligence to education, institutional reform and minority rights to name a few.
LYMEC would also like to take this opportunity to thank the former President Sissel van Run-Kvist for her many years of dedication to the organisation, as well as the outgoing Bureau Members Marijn de Pagter and Kevin Tammearu for their work and commitment.
A press release regarding the elections can be found here       The post New leadership for LYMEC appeared first on LYMEC.

#16 Going the Distance » check out our Day 4 wrap over here to catch up first » 2020-09-02 15:35:57

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By Conrad Schwellnus Back by popular demand, part two of ‘Ask The Programme Manager’ got the final week of Radio Days Africa 2020 going earlier today, as host Neil Johnson sat down with Zane Derbyshire (Programme Manager at East Coast Radio), Zandile Tembe (Programme Manager at Ukhozi FM) and Bob Mabena (Group Head of Programming at MSG) to discuss their experiences with radio demos, the importance of being multifaceted as a radio enthusiast in the modern age, as well as touching on the roles that they have found to be the hardest to fill in the industry today.
If you missed part one, featuring a different panel of programme managers who also shared insights and tips for aspiring broadcasters, check out our Day 4 wrap over here to catch up first.
As was the case in the previous session, delegates in attendance today were hungry to gain any tips about how they should go about creating their radio demos, and what programme managers typically look for when trying to find new talent for their stations.

Neil started the discussion with an important caveat that is often forgotten — namely

that programme managers are part of a bigger team, and while they have some influence in the process, at the end of the day there is a larger group of decision makers who collectively decide about who gets to go on air and who doesn’t.
This is good to understand if you’ve been unsuccessful when applying at a station, and are squaring all the blame (or putting all hope) on a single person to give you your “big break”, so to speak.
At East Coast Radio, .

Zane has a preference to hear demos compiled from actual radio shows

“First try a crack at community radio, and then once you’ve cracked that, send short airchecks to a programme manager,” he said.
“I don’t believe in packaging and recording beautiful demos.
The shorter and more impactful, the better.
If you can grab me in 10 seconds, all the better”.

Bob — who oversees programming for multiple stations — echoed these sentiments

reminding delegates that programme managers are tremendously pressed for time in a given week.
“The spray and pray thing doesn’t work,” he said, referencing the trend of people sending the same demo to multiple stations, irrespective of considering the audience and language.

Zandi gets about 30 demos a week for Ukhozi FM

“Practice, practice, practice”, she said, mentioning that in this day and age there are multiple platforms and opportunities for aspiring broadcasters to do so and to get better at their craft.
“I’ll never forget a good demo, I can promise you that”, she added.  As suggested by the panel, about 95% of radio demos are sent for on air roles, when there may be an overlooked opportunity in the remaining 5%.
Rather than putting all hopes on a very competitive on air dream upfront, getting into the industry can be easier if you can showcase that you are skilled in multiple areas and are keen to learn more about all the various facets of the industry.
This makes you more useful than just being a “replacement for presenter x” on a station (Bob mentioned that he likes to ask people who they want to replace on air when they contact him, and often they don’t have an answer for him), while also showcasing that you have more skills to offer.
As many people working in commercial radio will tell you, getting a foot in the door at a radio station often involves getting started in a different role and working your way around (and growing into) the role that you have your eye on over time.  So what are some of the non-on air roles that are the hardest to fill.
Referencing the various internships at their stations, the panel was quick to emphasise the role of training to help develop talent across multiple departments (not just on air) for their own stations, but also for the industry as a whole.

“We need researchers and writers,” Zandile slipped in during the course of the discussion

For Zane, finding good producers can be quite a difficult task.
“There is very little formal training,” he said.
“Understanding how things work and being able to direct an entire team of people is a skill that not many people have”.
He suggested that the more multifaceted you are as a producer, the more successful you will be in the role.
The panel also talked about how difficult it can be to find good music compilers.
Often, people think that if they are musicians themselves, that they are more qualified for the job.
As summarised so well by Neil, you need to “be passionate about music, but dispassionate about compiling” to be good in the role, which is about so much more than just personal taste.  While these roles may provide opportunities for people looking to get into the industry outside of the on air route, we can’t talk about future careers in radio without mentioning the rise of digital, and how important it is to be tech savvy irrespective of your job title.
Does the panel think that the onslaught of digital has changed the skillset of the typical person working in the industry.
“Absolutely,” Zane said.
“If you are not able to tell a story, or connect with an audience across a plethora of platforms, your time is up”, he added.
“My traffic controller will not just be a traffic controller,” Zandile said in reference to the diverse nature of the roles at Ukhozi FM, and how employees need to be skilled in a variety of different ways in order to plug into the greater vision of the team.

Neil suggested an interesting idea

that involves getting rid of departments in radio stations, and breaking employees up into teams instead.
Irrespective of how the industry should or is adapting in the wake of the the rise of digital.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertain economic climate

Bob shared a piece of wisdom that will ring true in spite of these and other challenges: “Get your foot in, in any way, shape or form, and you will find your way in if you’ve got what it takes”, he said.  If the ‘Ask The Programme Manager’ sessions at Radio Days Africa 2020 taught us anything specific, it relates to the importance of finding ways to hone your craft in a changing digital landscape, prioritising development of skills slowly and systematically, and the importance of not getting stuck on a limiting dream of only being an on air personality.
If people in existing positions at radio stations are becoming more multifaceted in their roles as the landscape of radio adjusts, so the people who are looking to get a foot in the door should be doing the same.
With the right attitude and an inherent passion and love for broadcasting, some radio enthusiasts with dreams of working in the industry may even be surprised by where they eventually end up.
Perhaps, they will even end up making the greatest impact in an area that they didn’t even know they were passionate about to begin with.
RELATED ARTICLES   RDA2020: Behold the future: Lessons from women making a mark on the radio industry RDA2020: “Adapt or die”: Where to next for the SABC.
RDA2020: Radio production, station imaging and tips for aspiring sound enthusiasts  The post RDA2020: The hardest roles to fill and the value of being multifaceted in radio appeared first on Journalism.co.za.

#17 30th Twitter Chat with Dr Chris Kwaja on Responding to Covid19 In the Context.. » OSSArcFlow Guide to Documenting Born-Digital Archival Workflows » 2020-09-02 14:05:10

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The purpose of the Guide to Documenting Born-Digital Archival Workflows is to encourage and assist collecting institutions of all shapes, sizes, and types to begin documenting their born-digital workflows.
In our experience.

Both through the OSSArcFlow project and in consultation with many collecting institutions

the vast majority of today’s born-digital archiving activity is not well documented.
Most collecting institutions believe that their born-digital archiving workflows are still too ad hoc or nascent to deserve formal documentation, and the lack of formal documentation keeps collecting institutions from being able to see, share, compare, and build upon their collective successes, failures, gaps, challenges, and opportunities.
In the Guide, we aim to make the daunting task of selecting, implementing, and refining born-digital archiving workflows more achievable.
To do so, we first document and describe the steps that are commonly included in digital curation workflows, from acquisition to access and preservation.
We then provide a process map and detailed guidance to help you produce your own born-digital workflows documentation in both visual and descriptive formats.
Finally, we provide a set of use cases for this visual and descriptive documentation, illustrating with case studies and examples how you can use it to help your institution improve its born-digital archiving practices over time.
The Guide includes four main sections:  Introduction – provides a brief background of the project, the research questions that have driven our inquiry, and how to use this Guide in your own work as an archivist and curator of born-digital collections.
Common Steps in OSS Born-Digital Archival Workflows – provides brief descriptions of each of the main steps in born-digital archiving (13 in total) and what tools are commonly used to accomplish each of these steps today.
Documenting Born-Digital Workflows – provides detailed guidance to help you use the OSSArcFlow survey, interview questions, and visualization model to document and depict your own workflow.  Using Workflows – provides guidance and examples of how an institution can use its existing workflows to identify growth/maturity goals, to advocate for resources, and to transform roles/relationships as needed to improve its born-digital archiving practices.   We are grateful to the Institute of Museum and Library Services for its generous support of this project work, and to our project partners for willingly and excitedly participating in every step of this work with us.

#18 3 Phases of Skydiving: Freefall, Parachute and Landing » With most residents considered high-risk for COVID-19 » 2020-09-02 10:50:45

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As social distancing stretches into its third month, “normal” is starting to feel like a distant memory.
Zoom continues to be our most common activity and a trip to the kitchen now feels like an outing, but at least our dogs have never been happier. With so much of the world in chaos, 10Fold has rallied to give back to our communities by volunteering at food banks and park cleanups, as well as making cards for those isolated by the pandemic.   Patients in residential care facilities and undergoing in-patient care at hospitals have been severely isolated by the virus, often prevented from seeing their loved ones when they need them most.
Account Manager Emily Ashley spent her VTO (Volunteer Time Off) making colorful cards for patients at St.
Jude’s Hospital, spreading cheer to kids and families hit hardest by social distancing.     Senior Account Associate Megan Cheung also dedicated her time and creative talents to sharing cards with residents at Sunol Creek Memory, a long-term care home for those suffering Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.
With most residents considered high-risk for COVID-19, visits are limited, and the care team has turned to local residents to send messages of hope to lift patients’ spirits.
When the 10Fold team can get outside, they’re doing their best to make the most of it.
More people than ever are enjoying local parks, which also means that more trash is being left behind.
Senior Account executive Sophia Xepoleas volunteered with the City of Walnut Creek to help keep local parks clean for everyone to enjoy during social distancing.
Finally, thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest for the systemic changes needed to make our society more open and more equitable, risking their health and safety for the greater good.
In the Bay Area, the protests took place during a heatwave that brought record temperatures.
Account Associate Sammi Balita showed up to provide snacks and water for those peacefully protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

COVID-19 has pushed the world inside

but as a company and as a community, 10Fold has come together to give back in our communities.
Now more than ever, we need to recognize the importance of supporting the organizations that create a positive impact for our towns and cities.
Together, we’ll emerge from this strange time stronger and better connected.

The post Giving Back in the Golden State appeared first on 10Fold


#19 The Southern Atolls Of The Maldives Are The Ultimate Surfers Playground » Ritorna dopo prova romana Kodi Dream » 2020-09-02 01:03:52

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Premio Nastro d’Oro di Sicilia in programma a Ferragosto Attesa giornata di Ferragosto per l’ippica siracusana.
In programma.

Nel pomeriggio di sabato 15 agosto all’Ippodromo del Mediterraneo di Siracusa

sono previste sette corse tra cui il Premio Nastro d’Oro di Sicilia, Handicap Principale “C” di 20 mila e 900 euro, per cavalli di 3 anni e oltre che concorreranno sui 2100 metri di pista piccola.
Partiamo dalla linea segnata da Sun Devil, Orange Suit e Berenson che partono con i favori dei pronostici visto la bella ultima performance.
Ritorna dopo prova romana Kodi Dream, che milita in una categoria per lui abbordabile.
Tocca citare anche Saint Steven capace di ribaltare ogni pronostico e il positivo Imperial State che ha come avversario una distanza un po’ più lunga.
Tra i pesini citiamo Neileta che prova a salire di categoria dopo una straordinaria vittoria che ha lasciato gli avversari a 7 lunghezze di distanza.
Sorpresa Royal Alhebayeb.
Due, poi, le condizionate che arricchiscono il programma ufficiale.
La prima, riservata a cavalli di 3 anni e oltre, aprirà il convegno alle 19:05.

Il Premio Tramonto si disputa sui 1700 metri di pista grande

Hanno mezzi per essere  protagonisti  i primi tre dello schieramento.
Ha forma Exotique, hanno chance i portacolori di Mark Cuschieri e, benché alterno, può rubare piazza Lord Schekin.

Ma l’attenzionata speciale resta ancora una volta Sharming Girl

positiva dopo l’esperienza romana e capace nelle grandi occasioni di tirar fuori ogni grinta.

Sui 1700 metri di pista grande può far bene il regolare Tenzing

Sono in tanti insomma a giocarsela.
L’altra condizionata vedrà sfidarsi, sui 1500 metri di pista piccola, i giovanissimi di 2 anni.
Due le linee, con ottimi riferimenti, al raffronto.
La prima che citiamo è quella tracciata dalla vittoria al debutto di Trafficjam che lega a sé Melo Black.
Poi quella, non meno industriosa.

Di Adaay Secret e Monte della Sfida

quest’ultimo in grado di vincere una Maiden.
partenti-galoppo-15-agosto-2020  (programma corse da scaricare).

#20 Move Your Data, Processes or ERP System to the Cloud with Rootstock Solutions » the support of 22110 length SSDs » 2020-09-01 21:53:14

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Synology M2D20 Adapter Card for NVMe SSD Cache One of the most important factors for many users that purchase a new Synology NAS in 2020, besides stability, is speed.
We all want our files to move as fast as possible, whether we are sending them or receiving them.

Over the years there have been many methods to improve internal speed on a NAS

ranging from increasing memory to using faster operational solid state drives for your RAID storage.
The need for increased internal speeds grows ever more popular with the growth of 10-gigabit ethernet network speeds in 2019/2020, as well as the newer generation of 2.5G and 5G devices.
With more and more devices arriving with the 10Gbe network speed that has the potential to be 10x that of traditional 1Gbe LAN, .

Many people are disappointed when the NAS box itself has an internal bottleneck

One perfect way to remove this bottleneck and vastly improve your individual operations (IOPS) for file transfers, virtual machines, large multi-file backups and file rendering is to use SSD caching.
This is a system of using a small portion of solid state drive storage for assisted read-write buffering and massively improve performance during exchanges of data internally.
The Synology M2D20 is the latest generation of upgrade cards for Synology NAS that provides SSD caching support to a Synology NAS system that features a PCIe Gen 3 slot (x4/x8/x16), arriving with a number of improvements over the M2D18 card that was released 2 years before.

The Synology M2D20 is a PCIe card that let you take advantage of NVMe based SSD M2 drives

and use them to vastly improve your internal speeds.
But is this card strictly necessary and is it that much of an improvement over last year’s Synology M2D18 card?  Let’s find out.
Synology M2D20 NVMe Cache Card – Quick Conclusion The M2D20 is a great example of what Synology is about.
There was not the first company to produce a PCIe upgrade card for NAS/Servers and they won’t be the last.
However, like many of their solutions, it is produced with a huge degree of slick design and long term future-proofing in mind.
The Heatsink, the higher end PCIe choice, the longer and more current 22110 NVMe that are supported and more, .

These are things that show EXACTLY why their brand has the reputation it has

Is it perfect, no – the rather confusing compatibility at this time of writing, the strict limitation of only using it for caching and not raw storage are things that might put some users off.
But the card is designed to be EXACTLY what it says it is and give you the VERY BEST level of caching that Synology can provide.
In DSM 7.0 we are hearing that intelligent caching is very much top of the agenda in order to make the user experience fast, fluid and the best in NAS right now (hence why you are seeing NVMe caching bays in more and more solutions in their 2020/2021 series) and this combined with the release of their own brand on SSDs has only reinforced this point.
Pros Cons     Affordable Performance Upgrade 5 Year Warranty PCIe Gen 3×8 means 8000MB/s+ bandwidth Dual NVMe 22110 Support Massive Branded Heatsink to assist dissipation     Varied Drive Support on Different NAS Only officially compatible with Synology SSDs (though others work) Somewhat overshadowed by the E10M20-T1        If you are thinking of buying a Synology M2D20 Upgrade Card, please use the links below          The Synology M2D20 NVMe Cache Card – Design and Hardware This upgrade card arrives in quite a petite and modest-sized retail box.
Unsurprisingly because this is an upgrade card, not a huge amount of time was spent on aesthetic details outside.
However, it is still very much in style with the Synology brand.
Once we open it up, the box arrives with numerous accessories and parts to ensure that it is compatible with the entire Synology range with an available PCIe slot.
The retail box contains the M2D20 card itself, screws, instruction manual, alternate backplane, extra-long heatsink, silcon/heat pads and M.2 drive risers.
Supported form factor – 22110/2280/2260/2242  The Synology M2D20 arrives supporting multiple lengths of NVMe SSD).
Each drive length has it’s own screw hole and the riser screws to keep the drive at the correct height.
The drive bays themselves are PCIe Gen 3×4 each and that means you are looking at the 3000-4000MB/s tier NVMe SSDs.
Additionally, the support of 22110 length SSDs, means that rather than hitting the current commercial wall of 4TB with TLC NAND or 8TB of QLC NAND (the cheaper but less performing/enduring), you can get longer SSDs that leverage the higher quality SSD NAND and provide better storage maximums.
Driver Interface – PCIe NVMe PCIe Gen3 x8  The PCIe connection of this card is PCIe Gen3 x8, but the extent of support of different NAS will be based on the CPU inside, as well as their PCIe connector.
Although PCIe Gen 1, 2 and 3are all the same style, the x1, x2, x4, x8 and x16 are al different in length, so if your PCIe slot if not at least x8, this card will not fit.

All NAS will support SATA 6Gb/s SSD caching internally using the available bays

but only some will support NVMe drives in dedicated slots and that is why the M2D20 exists, so people can add this functionality.
However, it is worth remembering that Both SSD and NAS compatibility on this card is smaller than you might expect (going by the official Synology pages).

NAS support is quite slim (because of CPU/PCIe slot) to support full NVMe SSD use

with Synology being far less detailed on the support of SATA modes on this PCIe card (as seen on the M2D18) and below is the NAS systems that support the M2D20 NVMe SSD Cache Card use: Compatible Models  SA series:SA3600, SA3400 20 series:RS820RP+, RS820+ 19 series:DS2419+, DS1819+ 18 series:RS2818RP+, RS2418RP+, RS2418+, DS3018xs, DS1618+  However, even more puzzling for some is the SSD drive compatibility for the SSD bays themself, as seen here:  This is currently (at the time of writing) no details of compatibility with other NVMe SSDs (such as the Seagate Ironwolf 510, Samsung 960/970/980 or WD Black 750) with a bigger shift in focus towards their enterprise-grade SNV-3400 and SNV-3500 range of SSDs.
I can see the logic, they have released a range of SSD drives that are developed alongside their own NAS systems (Flashstation, Diskstation and Rackstation) to make sure it’s a solid-state product with the performance and endurance where it counts.
They aren’t especially comparable to the commercial-grade stuff and more geared towards data center SSDs from the likes of Intel.
Hardware Specifications SNV3400-400G  SNV3500-400G                 General Capacity 400 GB 400 GB   Form Factor M.2 2280 M.2 22110   Interface NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4   Performance Sequential Read (128KB, QD32) 3,100 MB/s 3,100 MB/s   Sequential Write (128KB, QD32) 550 MB/s 550 MB/s   Random Read (4KB, QD256) 205,000 IOPS 205,000 IOPS   Random Write (4KB, QD256) 40,000 IOPS 40,000 IOPS   Endurance and Reliability Terabytes Written (TBW)* 500 TB 500 TB   Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD) 0.68 0.68   Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 1.8 million hours 1.8 million hours   Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER)     Power Loss Protection No Yes   Warranty 5 Years 5 Years    However, currently, the range of NVMe SSD is still at only 400GB for the two NVMes (one at 2280 and the other at 22110 with power loss protection built-in, 0.68 DWPD, consistently high IOP/Performance across it’s lifespan) and given that SSD caching should be at around 10% of your HDD RAID volume in scale, that is a quite small capacity right now.

So many users are asking about the M2D20 compatibility with other SSD brands

I can confirm that the Seagate 510 and Samsung 960/970 are seen and usable by the M2D20 card (we performed range of speed tests using this card and the E10M20).

As these drives are NOT on the Synology compatibility lists

that means you are using an unsupported configuration, which Synology may well have difficulty providing useful technical support as/when needed.
It’s a tricky tightrope that I hope becomes alot clearer in the months after this review.
In order to maintain the SSD Cache volume (whilst your NAS CPU handles a Read-only or Read & Write Cache RAID option), the M2D20 has a dedicated onboard controller that handles traffic to/from the card to the central NAS system This is more than just a brainless card for adapting m.2 SSD.
The whole purpose of this card to handle the transfers for media handling and leaving your Synology NAS resources to do what they are best at – processing your data.
As the M.2 used for SSD caching can get hot (and therefore lose efficiency), Synology has included additional heatsink thermal pads and an impressively sized removable heatsink  The Large removable heatsink is flush with the heatsink covering the PCIe controller and is held in place over the twin NVMe bays by springloaded screws in each corner.
The thermal pads are placed under and above each drive, then the heatsink pressed down on top.

This assists heat dissipation and maintains efficiency on the SSDs you installed

Two SSDs must be the same brand/capacity in order to have a stable caching system – you will not be able to mix SSD types.
As the Synology M2D20 is designed for both Synology Diskstation and Rackstation installation via PCIe, an additional backplane is included for switching to a wider slot.
Exchanging these backplates takes around 60 seconds at most and will be secured by two screws at the base of the card.
Aside from a rather quite stance on the range of NVMe SSD compatibility, the actual installation of the card and creation of the cache is incredibly fast.
We are currently lining up testing on the M2D20 and E10M20-T1 cards for performance testing, but if you want more information, you can watch the two videos below that detail the setup and performance results of the M2D18, as well as a performance comparison of NVMe vs SATA SSD caching o nthe new Synology DS920+.
Synology SSD Caching Test – NVMe vs SATA  4 Part Synology NVMe SSD Caching Tests  Synology M2D20 NVMe M.2 SSD PCIe Card – Conclusion The M2D20 is a great example of what Synology is about.
There was not the first company to produce a PCIe upgrade card for NAS/Servers and they won’t be the last.
However, like many of their solutions, it is produced with a huge degree of slick design and long term future-proofing in mind.
The Heatsink, the higher end PCIe choice, the longer and more current 22110 NVMe that are supported and more, these are things that show EXACTLY why their brand has the reputation it has.
Is it perfect, no – the rather confusing compatibility at this time of writing, the strict limitation of only using it for caching and not raw storage are things that might put some users off.
But the card is designed to be EXACTLY what it says it is and give you the VERY BEST level of caching that Synology can provide.
In DSM 7.0 we are hearing that intelligent caching is very much top of the agenda in order to make the user experience fast, fluid and the best in NAS right now (hence why you are seeing NVMe caching bays in more and more solutions in their 2020/2021 series) and this combined with the release of their own brand on SSDs has only reinforced this point.
Pros Cons     Affordable Performance Upgrade 5 Year Warranty PCIe Gen 3×8 means 8000MB/s+ bandwidth Dual NVMe 22110 Support Massive Branded Heatsink to assist dissipation     Varied Drive Support on Different NAS Only officially compatible with Synology SSDs (though others work) Somewhat overshadowed by the E10M20-T1        If you are thinking of buying a Synology M2D20 Upgrade Card, please use the links below        The hardware for today’s review was supplied by SPAN.COM, the NAS Experts.
If you need help choosing the right NAS drive for you – check them out HERE      Visit the NASCompares Deal Finder to find the best place to buy this device in your region, based on Service, Support and Reputation - Just Search for your NAS Drive in the Box Below     SEARCH IN THE BOX BELOW FOR NAS DEALS         Need Advice on Data Storage from an Expert.

We want to keep the free advice on NASCompares FREE for as long as we can

Since this service started back in Jan '18, We have helped hundreds of users every month solve their storage woes, but we can only continue to do this with your support.
So please do choose to buy at SPAN, use links to Amazon on the articles when buying to provide advert revenue support or to donate/support the site below.
Finally, for free advice about your setup, just leave a message in the comments below here at NASCompares.com and we will get back to you.
Need Help.
Where possible (and where appropriate) please provide as much information about your requirements, as then I can arrange the best answer and solution to your needs.
Do not worry about your e-mail address being required, it will NOT be used in a mailing list and will NOT be used in any way other than to respond to your enquiry.
[contact-form-7]  Terms and Conditions  Alternatively.

Why not ask me on the ASK NASCompares forum

by clicking the button below.
This is a community hub that serves as a place that I can answer your question, chew the fat, share new release information and even get corrections posted.
I will always get around to answering ALL queries, but as a one-man operation, I cannot promise speed.

So by sharing your query in the ASK NASCompares section below

you can get a better range of solutions and suggestions, alongside my own.

#21 EKA and Transflo Announce Strategic Collaboration to Digitize Transportation .. » bring it to Collision Works for repair » 2020-09-01 20:16:58

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We see many deer-related collisions this time of year throughout Kansas and Oklahoma

The colder weather mixed with a decrease in daylight hours means that deer are more likely to be out and about during morning and evening drive times, resulting in more collisions October through January.
If your car is damaged from an accident involving a deer this season, bring it to Collision Works for repair.
When you bring in your deer-hit vehicle now through Jan.
31, 2020, you will be automatically entered to win.

Tap here to find the Collision Works nearest you

Prizes include:  Our Kansas locations’ featured prize is a Kansas City Royals prize package including:  4 tickets to a Kansas City Royals spring training game (game/date to be determined by Collision Works), 1-night hotel stay, and A gift certificate to an area restaurant.
Our Oklahoma locations’ featured prize is an Oklahoma City Thunder prize package including:  4 tickets to an OKC Thunder regular-season game (game/date to be determined by Collision Works), 1-night hotel stay, and a gift certificate to an area restaurant   Additional prizes for all locations include:  Gift certificates for FREE auto details at Collision Works $100 gift cards, and $50 restaurant gift cards.
We will contact all winners, so stay tuned now through Jan.
31, 2020.
The Collision Works Difference Collision Works’ highly trained staff along with its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment offer the highest level of collision repair for your deer-hit vehicle.
We help you get back to your daily life while doing the heavy lifting through our hassle-free, collision repair process.
Collision Works even coordinates directly with your insurance company to provide free* towing services and rental car coordination.
We also utilize the leading collision repair systems in the world to ensure your damaged vehicle is repaired with quality.
Our Car-O-Liner, Sherwin Williams® paint products and top-of-the-line spray booths will restore your vehicle to its factory finish.
If your deer collision was fortunate enough to only leave a dent or two, we also offer paintless dent repair.
Remember to stay alert on the road this season and if you do get into an accident involving deer, visit Collision Works when it is time for your repair and experience the Collision Works difference.
We offer quality and quick service every time.

Tips to Avoid Hitting Deer If you are out on the road at dusk and dark

remember these tips to stay safe:  Pay attention to deer crossing signs.
They’re there for a reason.
Don’t swerve.
It is much safer to slow down and let your vehicle strike the deer instead of swerving, which could cause you to hit something more damaging or dangerous or losing control of your vehicle because of the swerve.
Use high beams lights when possible.
Using your high beams at night when safe can help you spot deer from farther away, allowing you to slow down and take precautions.
If you do hit a deer, .

Call 911 if you are hurt and call Collision Works if your vehicle is damaged

Drive safely.
Hit a Deer.
Win Some Gear.
Disclaimer Of course, we DO NOT promote purposely hitting a deer or any other animal or object in an attempt to win a prize.
Always drive safely.
Collision Works seeks to help those who have experienced the unfortunate situation of accidentally hitting a deer.
Over the years we’ve seen how traumatized an individual seems to be after having a run-in with an animal.
We hope to add levity to a situation and ease the hassle of having to repair a vehicle whereby most of the time the deer is at fault.
If only deer were required to have auto insurance… right?.

One (1) featured prize for the Kansas area
One (1) featured prize for the Oklahoma area

No guarantee of prizes.
No cash value equivalent.
*Certain restrictions apply.

#22 Russia releases massive official plans for the Northern Sea Route » Children of Morta is a rogue-lite RPG dungeon crawler » 2020-09-01 00:05:25

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The Bergsons are a strong family

who are the guardians of Mount Morta (the land in which they reside).
An ancient evil starts to devour the land and it’s up to them to stop it.
Children of Morta is a rogue-lite RPG dungeon crawler.
You level up the family and battle through various areas, acquiring items and spending points into your powers.
Each member represents a different class.
There aren’t that many dungeons, but every time you play one there always seems to be some different variation of it.
Besides being randomly generated, there is also a form of sidequests to complete.
Sometimes they can take several runs through the same level.
You can adventure alone or with the company of someone else on the same console.
Here’s what I liked:    Stronger Together — It’s interesting that most of the family members are warriors.
They all have their own talents and abilities.
As you level them up, each has a few powers that, when activated, are granted to the whole group.
It makes it important to level them all up instead of just using the same characters.
You don’t get to start off with everyone but, eventually, they’ll start unlocking.
The younger ones start to grow into their shoes as protectors, and it’s always an exciting moment when one of them is a character you can select.
As far as the classes go, you can expect a warrior, mage, assassin, monk, barbarian, and archer.
Though they aren’t actually categorized like this, it’s very obvious that’s what they are.
They all have their own strengths and weaknesses which is the variety I love.
Variety — There is a lot to do in what is otherwise a small adventure.
I couldn’t count how many different abilities there are.
As you level up your characters, you will be given a choice of where to distribute your ability points.

There are items to also help you in your adventure to save Morta

You can gain these through purchasing at a vendor, doing events, finding randomly, or killing specific foes.
You can gain items that give you additional abilities assigned to additional controller buttons.
These new temporary powers can make life a lot easier, or be worthless depending on what you end up with.
It’s all random.
There are also buffs you can get that are on a timer, including a very helpful experience boost.
There are certain items you must select to use and they stack up above your health bar.
I never ended up using these much because they’re never on your mind while fighting.
You can also buy various things from the store at home, allowing you to upgrade stat increases and perks.
I like how much they were able to pack into this game, giving you a different experience every dungeon run.

Boss Beatdown — Possibly the most difficult part of the game is boss battles

You’ll likely be unable to beat them the first time you meet them.
But as you continue the struggle, dying and leveling to your heart’s content, you’ll soon grow strong enough to win.
It’s really a time thing, the more you put into leveling and gaining money, the easier it will be.
All of the bosses are quite unique too, from spiders to robots and finally, the ancient evil.
You can replay these bosses too, which for some reason is even more fun when you come back at a later time and slaughter them with little effort.
It’s just proof all that time you spent has done some good.
Here’s what I didn’t like:    Lack of Environments — Even with the dungeons changing all the time, it’s still the same area with very little variety.
There are only three locations and with all the grinding, can get quite old.
There is a spark of outside battling which was in a forest area.
I was really hoping I would get to fight in this area more, but it was a one-time thing and you could not replay the segment.
You really just get one outside area in a desert and two in a cave.
With these limits, there are no effects such as rain, snow, fire, or anything that could have brought the game a bit more life.
Rage Meter — I wanted to like the so-called ultimate your character gets when enough of the rage meter has been filled.
I was seldom using it, and when I did, it just didn’t feel all that powerful.
Almost more as if it was getting in the way with some characters.
There were too many stat increasing abilities for it, as well as items.
For something I didn’t think was implemented well, it was a waste.
It’s also just another meter to have to worry about.
I’m sure some people will like it, I’m just the kind of player who likes to “save it for when I need it” but then never end up using it.

Wrap-up    I’ve always been a fan of the dungeon crawler RPG

Hacking away at hoards of enemies, growing stronger as I fight.
I’ve played a lot of them, .

And it’s nice to see the style of Children of Morta come along

It’s a more pixelated looking version but still has the same presence.

You’ll enjoy your time with the Bergson family

the story can be touching and a sheer joy to experience because it involves family, not comrades.
The care they have for each other goes deeper than just a friendship.
While the game can be quite a grind to finish everything, I guess as long as you’re having a good time it shouldn’t matter.
Score: Highly Recommended    Children of Morta was published by 11 Bit Studios and developed by Dead Mage on Xbox One.
It was released on October 15, 2019, for $21.99.
A copy was provided for review purposes.

#23 Why health and wellbeing is so important for young people » The post Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 is te gek » 2020-08-31 20:42:20

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De aankondiging van een nieuw ‘chapter’ in Fortnite levert hier in huis altijd een bijna extatisch gevoel op.
Niet in de laatste plaats omdat Fortnite deze releases behoorlijk aankleedt en er een spannend moment van maakt waar veel mensen naar uitkijken.
In het verleden is er een Star Wars overname geweest bij de presentatie en dit keer ging het gerucht dat Drake virtueel zou komen optreden.
Uiteindelijk werd de Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 release door Corona twee keer naar achter geschoven, misschien dat daardoor de premiere wat minder spectaculair was dan gewend.
In het spel zelf echter is wel een hoops nieuws te zien en beleven.
Overstroming in Fortnite    De map in Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 is namelijk in het nieuwe hoofdstuk overstroomt en grote delen staan onder water.
Het gave hiervan is, dat je alle plekken nog wel kunt herkennen, maar dat dat af en toe slechts komt omdat er nog een paar herkenningspunten boven het water uit steken.
Door de overstroming voelt het hele spel anders aan, en moet je ook anders daar op anticiperen.
Land waar geen water staat is behoorlijk zeldzaam geworden, en net zo kostbaar als bijvoorbeeld bouwstoffen.
Het water zorgt ook voor een weidse omgeving, waarin het af en toe moeilijk is om beschutting bij een aanval te vinden.

De storm    Een van de vaste onderdelen van Fortnite is natuurlijk de storm

Deze wordt steeds groter, waardoor de ‘vechtarena’ steeds kleiner wordt.
Het water bemoeilijkt het ook om binnen deze cirkel te blijven.

Als je geen vervoersmiddel hebt en je bevindt je net in een groot stuk water

heb je gewoon pech gehad en zal het erg moeilijk zijn om op tijd de storm te ontvluchten.
Daarnaast is er nog het gevaar van haaien in het water, een nieuwe toevoeging die we ook nog niet eerder hebben gezien in het spel en die alles nog iets spannender maakt.
Gebruik de boten    Hierdoor is de boot een belangrijk vervoersmiddel geworden en geeft het het spel een hele andere dimensie.
Ik heb me er al een paar keer op betrapt dat ik helemaal niet op de storm of wat dan ook lette, maar juist in mijn boot goed te keer ging, op zoek naar tegenstanders, haaien, of wat dan ook om om te leggen.
Andere manier van spelen    De grote afstanden die in het water afgelegd moeten worden, .

Zorgen ervoor dat je op een andere manier gaat denken dan dat je gewend was in Fortnite

Doordat er een kleiner ‘leefgebied’ is, zul je op plekken waar land is, veel sneller meer mensen aantreffen dan in vorige seizoenen.
De afweging is dan altijd, of je je daar in moet mengen (Heb ik bijvoorbeeld nog genoeg grondstoffen om te bouwen) ofwacht ik liever tot het wat minder druk is, met het risico dat ik in het water wordt aangevallen door een medespeler, haai, of wat dan ook.

Verstoppen in het water    Op het moment kies ik vaak voor het laatste

omdat dit water een nieuwe dimensie is, waar je een hoop plezier kunt hebben.
Zo kun je je makkelijk verstoppen voor achtervolgers, maar kun je je ook verstoppen achter puin in het water om vanuit daar aan boord van een boot te klimmen, de hele crew neer te schieten en zelf met de boot verder te varen.
Eenmaal op een boot, kun je ervoor kiezen om het gevecht van mensen op een eiland af te wachten en als een ware gier de buit op te halen als iedereen dood is.

Dit maakt het nieuwe seizoen de meest epische Battle Royale tot nu toe

Eilanden    Game ontwikkelaar Epic weet dat bij Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 de meeste gevechten zich op de eilanden zullen afspelen en hebben die eilandend an ook omgetoverd tot de ultieme vechtarena’s, met een hoop ziplinesn bounce pads en het ultieme ontsnappingswapen: de whirlpool, die je echt weg kann schieten.

Pleasant Park is hier een goed voorbeeld van

omdat daar op bepaalde plekken alleen nog de daken boven het water uitkomen en die worden ‚verbonden’ met bounce pads, die handig zijn als je geen wapen hebt waarmee je op lange afstand kunt schieten.
Olieplatform met eilanden er omheen    Een andere toffe spot om je skills te testen is ‚the Fortilla’wat een verlaten olie platform is met daarom heen vijf kleine eilanden, die allemaal in verbinding staan met het platform via ziplines.
Die kun je gerbuiken om te ontsnappen, of een nieuw aanval vanuit bijvoorbeeld het water voor te bereiden.
Haaien    De haaien zijn ook echt een leuke toevoeging en worden niet al te serieus genomen door de makers, zo kunnen ze ook uit het water springen en je op het land aanvallen.
Pas dus op als je een plek hebt gevonden om vanuit te gaan schieten die dicht bij het water ligt.
Het water zorgt voor de meeste toegevoegde waarde    Al met al heeft het water ervoor gezorgd dat Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 een nieuwe dimensie heeft gekregen, die mij helemaal in zijn ban heeft.
Wapens die ik in vorige seizoenen niet fijn vond, zijn dat nu wel, omdat je door het water op een andere manier gaat aanvallen en ontsnappen.
Door het vernieuwende element van het water, ben ik wel wat verrast dat dit maar in de helft van de map is doorgevoerd.

Deze gebieden zijn nog grotendeels hetzelfde als in het vorige seizoen

waardoor ik ze veelal links laat liggen en veel spelers met mij.
Volgens maker Epic zal dit water in de toekomst weer terug gaan trekken en ik denk dat zij met een goede vervanging daarvan moeten komen om het spel interessant te houden, want, nogmaals, de overstroming geeft een totaal nieuwe feel aan Fortnite chapter 2 season 3… en die is te gek.
The post Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 is te gek, maar dan vooral in het water appeared first on Bouweenpc.nl.

#24 Athletes Announced for the 2019 Junior/Cadet World Fencing Championships » Looking to share a live or recorded URL with students » 2020-08-31 17:34:35

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Our development team has been working hard to bring you innovative updates around powerful room occupancy tools, online engagement features, and efficient absence management.
For more information on these exciting new features, please contact your assigned Project Manager or contact our experienced engagement specialists by emailing [email protected]             New Feature: SEAtS Space Utilisation Introducing SEAtS Space Utilisation dashboard, an advanced room occupancy tool that puts the science into managing teaching spaces.

The powerful filtering engine lets you view data by space (Sites

buildings, rooms) or by organisation (School, course, module).
Compare analysis by day and time, or simply search for unused scheduled rooms.

Strengthen room management and make data-driven decisions with SEAtS Space Utilisation

Find Out More                                   New Feature: Embed multimedia online learning resources Share any audio or video online learning resources link directly from the student calendar.
Looking to share a live or recorded URL with students.
Simply add a link to the timetabled class for efficient student access.
And with SEAtS Media player, students can open these files in SEAtS to minimise distraction.
Once you go browser, you never go back.

New Feature: Capture engagement from all online learning resources Audio or video file

Live or recorded.
SEAtS eAttend lets you capture student engagement regardless of the format of online learning resources for efficient student management.

Whether it is a live class webinar or a recorded Youtube link

SEAtS captures the recency, frequency, and duration of each student interaction.
Identify students with low engagement and initiate student outreach.
Find Out More                                   New Feature: Absence request with a mandatory comment Approving student absence requests could not be easier with SEAtS.
With mandatory comments, you can approve or deny requests immediately, or open a dialogue to further discuss the request.
And because each absence request is recorded, you can review historical requests to monitor patterns with one click.
Students gain confidence in knowing that faculty care when requests are actioned efficiently.
Any Questions.
Our product specialists are ready to help.
Contact us today and find out what solution is right for you.

Contact Us               The post July Updates appeared first on SEAtS Software


#25 How to Integrate DevOps and Agile: 5 Pragmatic Tips for Success » Debug Mode #346: 25 anos de E3: ascensão e queda – Podcast » 2020-08-31 05:45:39

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Dia 1 de maio a E3, a mais importante feira de games da indústria, está fazendo 25 anos.
E para comemorar vamos acompanhar sua trajetória.
De suas humildes origens até os momentos mais épicos.
Das conferências mais memoráveis aos maiores fails já vistos por fãs de jogos.
Como a E3 mudou a indústria para sempre e como talvez os tempos de glória dela já tenham ficado para trás.
A leitura de comentários começa a partir de 02:27:54.
Links: Debug Mode #140: A SEGA é idiota: https://gamefm.com.br/2015/12/15/debug-mode-140-a-sega-e-idiota-podcast/ Debug Mode #299: PlayStation: http://gamefm.com.br/2019/05/07/debug-mode-299-playstation-podcast/ Melhores momentos da conferência da Konami na E3 2010: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6OCnvvkSLM Primeiros Mesas do Fliper (E3 2012): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZa7uqy91JxS4yPQQbucQd1WEH4VEH-jr O Debug Mode também está no Spotify, iTunes e Google Podcasts.
Toda terça-feira as 20:00 sai um novo episódio.
Feed: http://www.gamefm.com.br/feed/debug-mode-podcast/ Telegram: http://telegram.me/grupogamefm Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gamefmchan Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/gamefm Patreon (Boleto): http://www.gamefm.com.br/patreon Twitch: http://www.twitch.com/canalgamefm Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gamefm Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/game_fm Grupo do Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/gamersreunion/ Discord: http://bit.ly/DiscordGameFM O post Debug Mode #346: 25 anos de E3: ascensão e queda – Podcast apareceu primeiro em GameFM.


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